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  1. I'm back with pictures of my dress post wedding!!! I think it was strapped too tightly in the back...but eh well! I loved this dress and can't wait to TRASH it!! Dress by: Mori Lee Blu
  2. thanks for the kind words Sol! You were truly a pleasure to work with!! I plan on coming back really soon for TTD! I'll keep you posted
  3. This is absolutely ridiculous! I'm so happy that I was able to use Del Sol to photograph my wedding and didn't have to go through these problems. In all honesty, when I had my sit down with Yamina and informed her that we would be using Del Sol to photograph our wedding, she had a sour look in her eyes. I'm not sure what the outlying issue is between Del Sol and EPM, but I don't think EPM or any Excellence properties should be able to tell you that you aren't allowed to use a certain photographer for the most important day of your life. These will be YOUR memories, NOT there's. Honestly, if I had ran into this issue, I would have dropped EPM and found another location before I dropped Del Sol. Del Sol was nothing but professional and my photo's will be the only thing that I can carry away with me from that special day. I couldn't have imagined using another photographer for this day. I hope everything works out for you ladies!
  4. Thanks Sparkle!! I really appreciate that!! My dress was designed by Mori Lee.
  5. Thanks!! I did my own makeup...and with my hair, I curled it with a curling wand myself, and then I had the hair stylist at the spa pin it all up for me and add the flower as a finishing touch. Unfortunately, my hair flower broke off at the stem right after the ceremony because the hair pin clipped away at it. Yes, my bouquet flowers were apart of the package. I can't remember the exact # of the bouquet that I went with, but I had them add in some coral roses to match the bridesmaids bouquets. If you've received a list of bouquet selections, these were the ones that were pictured inside a basket. Hope that helps!
  6. Hi Ladies!!! I promise to come back very soon with a full review on my wedding at EPM on 5/20/2011! I've been super busy!! But here are my pictures (courtesy of Del Sol-BEST PHOTOGRAPHER'S IN THE WORLD) http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=464 Enjoy!!
  7. The last I checked which was a few weeks ago: Day Passes for EPM $150 9 a.m.-5 p.m. $100 5 p.m.-9:00 a.m. I got that quote from the customer service line. Hope that helps!!
  8. Thanks!! I got them from a jewelry store in Cherry Hill NJ called Temptations. I believe it's a franchise, so you may be able to find one in your area
  9. I'm having a hard time coming to grips that it's over also. I think for us destination brides, it's a double knock down because not only is our wedding over, the beautiful vacation is over as well. So it gives you 2 reasons to feel heart broken! But each day that goes by, it gets easier and easier to come to realization. Now I'm looking forward to planning our honeymoon within the next few months. We went for a wedding/honeymoon all in one with our wedding, but honestly, we didn't get too much of a chance to relax and just enjoy each other when we had family and friends swarming the resort. Anyways, I'm taking it one day at a time...hoping to get out of my "wedding blue's" soon... I do however have my Del Sol photo's to look forward to in about 2 months! Whooo hoooo!!!!
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