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  1. Oops, I don't know why it didn't work on the last post. My Wedding Planner.xlsx
  2. Here is a copy of the "wedding planner" that I received. The prices might be out of date at this point though?
  3. Hi ladies, I've just returned from 10 days at EPM. The wedding was fabulous, a dream come true. To be honest, I'm kind of sad that it's all over now! I do have some news - Yamina is no longer working at EPM. I was a little bit nervous because I had been in contact with her for probably over 1 year and when I got there... she wasn't there anymore. WOW. But not to worry, Norma and Ileana worked together and they said that Yamina left everything in order. Out of all of the details that I had discussed with Yamina, there was only one small detail that they didn't already know about. One of my guests needed a special menu. It was not problem, whatsoever, though. I found out that Norma is actually the wedding coordinator from the sister property, La Amada (which is literally right next door if any of you are looking for a place for guests with children to stay) so I'm not sure if she is just temporarily filling in at EPM or if she will be a permanent replacement. Regardless of who your wedding coordinator is, I would rest assured that they will handle every little detail for you! I do feel bad for the fact that you brides who are still in the planning process don't really have anyone to contact though... eek. What I would do is fill out that wedding planning packet that you should have received in the email and then write a list of questions and keep adding to it until you have someone to contact. You also have great references here, so let me know if I can help. Overall though I want to let you guys know that there is no need to worry because they will take care of it - whatever it is. You will have your dream day here. I'll write a full review pretty soon here but for right now I have some unpacking to do... my least favorite part of traveling!
  4. Hi ladies, Quick post from Cancun... The weather is B-E-A-Utiful, so I wouldn't worry. I've been here since the 7th and can tell you that we've had almost all clear sunny days. There was one night where we had a quick 10-20 min rain shower around 9PM and one morning that was DUMPING rain with thunder and lightening but all was clear and sunny by noon. I wouldn't sweat the weather! Scattered thunderstorms means that they might pass over your area but they don't hang around for too long. Everything has been SOOO amazing! More details to follow when I get back home in a few days. I hope that all of you other June 11 brides had an amazing time too and best wishes to the few of you who are still coming up!!!
  5. Leaving tonight around 3AM! I can't believe that the day has finally come. Ladies, thank you all for all of the support and advice along the way. I can't wait to share my experience with you guys when I get back and I hope that all of you will share too. CHEERS!
  6. Congrats Nicole and good choice! I'm leaving for the resort tonight/tomorrow- 3AM! I am beyond excited! I promise to share lots of details when I return. 5 days from now, I'll be walking the sandy shore with my husband!
  7. that is where i got them, i'm not sure if they still have them anymore
  8. when i bought them, they were in the bargain bins in the front of the store near the entrance.
  9. OMG OMG OMG I'm legally a wifey, a missus, his old lady! I wanted to save all of the theatrics for our Mexico wedding, and even though we didn't even exchange rings today, I still cried the whole way through the ceremony HAPPY TEARS OF COURSE! As soon as he looked into my eyes and said "I, Marc..." the tears started flowing. It's raining cats and dogs here in Seattle, but they say "a wet knot is harder to untie." I just hope that I got all of the waterworks (both tears and rain) out of the way so that everything is nice and dry for our Mexico wedding in T-Minus 9 days, flying out in 5 days!
  10. I'm worried about the weather too! I'm from Seattle so... I really, really, really can't have rain. I need it to be sunny. I will be so depressed if the weather is yucky
  11. http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/188-6471732-4451153?asin=B0043R9UCA&AFID=Froogle_df&LNM=|B0043R9UCA&CPNG=&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=B0043R9UCA&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001 blush, black or nude!
  12. Steph, I'm sorry but I have to laugh a little at this because I can totally relate. I think that the procrastination factor is deeply ingrained somewhere in that Y chromosome! My FI still hasn't gotten gifts for his guys yet. I'd be freaking out if I didn't have gifts for my girls! But something about men makes it so that they don't sweat it until the very last minute and I think many a womankind turns into the nagging wife and can be driven crazy by this factor. What can ya do? I just try to remind, remind, remind, set deadlines (sometimes purposely extra early) and stress to him when something is really important and when I really need him to be on his A game. I think part of being a wife, in some cases, means running the show behind the scenes (if that makes sense?) That's what it means for me anyway! I have a passive, kinda lazy guy - but I love him to death and that's really all that matters... Congrats on the final fitting! It's the best feeling to have a dress that fits you perfectly, isn't it!
  13. Jessica, It all looks really great. Your details are so well pulled together. You're such an early bird! No procrastinating for you, huh? I bet your guests will be amazed by all of the work that you've put in. Thanks for sharing so much with us and I cannot wait until it's your turn to report back as a Mrs!!
  14. WOW it's all hitting me now.... Our legal ceremony is on Thursday - the day after tomorrow we will officially be MARRIED! So excited.
  15. Steph, I think every bride feels that way at one point or another during the planning process. You're definitely not alone! For me, I hit that patch several months ago. Now, I'm feeling pretty chill, a bit anxious, definitely excited! Not regretful though. I think you just need to take a few deep breaths, maybe make a to do list just to manage some of the anxiety that you're feeling and remember that above all else, the only thing that matters is that you and FI will be there... committing yourselves to each other. That's what it's all about in the long run, not about all of the details that are so easy to fuss and fret over. No matter what happens with all of the vendors and favors and guests, this will be the most memorable and one of the best days of your life! Soon enough, the "I do"s will be said, rings will be on your fingers and all you will have are memories of this wonderful time in your life.
  16. Thanks for the advice ladies! After much, much, much searching I found a cheapie pair of wedges from Target. Something that I think I would wear again. I'm just going to use them for the ceremony and then switch over to my sexy shoes. Crisis averted! LOL. It's funny how as the wedding gets closer, even a small set back feels HUGE! Tasha! Girl! So soon. My wedding is the day after yours and I head out of town on the 7th. It's just so soon and exciting! I can't wait to get back and hear how everyone's big day went. It's all just going to fly by before we know it ladies!
  17. Once again, I can't recall exact prices, but yes guests who are not staying at the resort can come to the wedding but there is a charge for a day pass... i think around 70-80 per person. I believe that they can also purchase a day pass on non-wedding days. For guests with kids, you should check out La Amada. I think it's the only other hotel in Playa Mujeres. It's a sister property of Excellence. It's not adults only and it's all inclusive optional. I've heard that it's just a short walk away from EPM.
  18. I had my second fitting today... I just love this dress. I had the attendant take a photo for me that's a bit better than the last one I posted.... OOPS i don't know why they flipped to the side like that? Anyway, all that's left dress wise is pressing and final pick up. I do have one dilemma... SHOES! Originally I was going to have the ceremony at the gazebo rather than on the beach, but one of the photographers who goes to EPM often made a point that it is difficult to get good photos in the gazebo, even though it is beautiful. He did kind of a side by side comparison of beach photos vs. gazebo photos and it really changed my mind. So now we're getting married on the beach and I can't wear my heels in the sand. And I can't go barefoot because I'll trip on my dress.... The dress attendant suggested wedge sandals.... but I'm not finding anything cute! EEK. Of course, I've had all of these details set for months and now I change my mind on one thing and have to change a bunch of other things to suit that decision.
  19. The same discount applies to all of the packages. If you get the simple package, and book those rooms then the simple package is free. If you get silver or gold and book those rooms then they subtract the price of the simple package from your package.
  20. AWW, Alisa! I can't believe that. I think if any of us were in your shoes we'd be stressing hardcore too. On a bright note, at least it happened at home rather than abroad! Could you imagine? Wow, I can't believe that you have to move right now too. I despise moving... Do you at least have a long weekend with all 3 days off from work? Do you have a good support system with lots of family and friends to help you out? If you have any favors to cash in, now seems like the time. I'd just reach out and see who is able to help. You can't do it all... Especially while you're still recovering from surgery. Poor thing! The good thing is as that as soon as you get all of this yucky stuff over with, you'll have a nice new home to enjoy and then you get to go to paradise and get some much needed R&R.
  21. There is an outside vendor fee. I'm not sure how much exactly, I want to say around $100 per vendor. You should contact Yamina, the wedding coordinator, to find out for sure. She will also be able to provide a list of prices for things that you might want to add on that aren't included in the package. I have been to EPM before and the beach is beautiful and beckons you to jump right in.
  22. Girls! What do you have left to do? We're down to weeks... days!!! It's crazy. I just can't believe how fast everything has flown by and I know there's no slowing down probably until after we say farewell to our last few wedding guests and have a few days alone, together, on the beach. Ahh.. It sounds so nice. I wish I was leaving tomorrow- take that back because I still have a few more things on my to do list: *print welcome brochures once all details are finalized *eyelash extensions *hair triim *mani/pedi *wax *pack NOT BAD mostly pampering and getting myself into tip top shape... Party wise - my girls threw a fabulous bachelorette party for me over the weekend - the same day as FIs bachelor party. Oh my goodness!! I had so much fun. They got a hotel where we all met and had some champagne, followed by dinner at a super cute restaurant, dancing like old times at a club and then.... probably the funniest/most awkward part of the night. They took me to an erotic art show. WOW! Interesting to say the least. Then we went back to the hotel for the night. I haven't had such a blast in quite a while! The only party that we have left at this point is a few days before we leave. We're having the wedding party over to our place for some drinks and grub and we're going to give them their gifts and thank them. I'm STOKED!!!!!
  23. WOO HOO Wishing you the time of your life! Can't wait to hear how everything goes for you!
  24. OK ladies, Let's hear your borrowed, blue, old and new! Borrowed: Sapphire ring from my sister Blue: Above ring but also "I DO" blingy stickers on the bottom of my heels Old: The diamond in my Ering, passed down from FIs sweet Grammie... who I love dearly New: Well, pretty much everything else I'll be wearing! ahaha
  25. Wow, I feel like I have so much to reply to today! Jessica, your bowl is adorable! Very unique and what a great keepsake. Just imagine looking at that bowl 50 years from now. How special! Girl! I saw your post in the "show off your shoes" thread and I was dying to find out where those barefoot sandals came from. I'm taking this as a sign - must order! Jenn, You've got some last minute work cut out for you but I'm sure you'll find all of the advice that you need here! Hehe. For me, I made a last minute decision to switch my wedding ceremony from gazebo to beach, so I'll be skipping shoes completely (or going for the barefoot sandals above!) for the ceremony, but I have some HOT heels for the cocktail hour and reception. In my opinion, if you're getting married in the sand, go big or go home. No flip flops for me. But, that's really a personal choice. For your playlist, is it for the reception? Do you have a theme set for your music? I am just wrapping up my playlist and it's a really cool, relaxed, reggae/bossa nova type of thing... Are you thinking relaxed dinner music or hoppin party music? I had fun with that part. Welcome letter, there are plenty of examples to peruse and take the words that express what you feel and put them down on paper in your own way. I found it helpful to read a few other people's just so that I knew that I was on the right track... OOT bag, I don't think it's a bad idea to ditch the bags and do a gift instead. Whatever you think will be more useful and express your gratitude to your guests will be best. Do you have a gift or a price point per guest in mind?? Also, I voted for you! Best of luck!! Here's hoping our fellow June bride wins Michelle, Pinch, pinch! It's really happening! And it will be amazing!
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