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Choose My Wedding Band....

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Having just come from an afternoon of trying on wedding bands, I would recommend that you go out and try to find rings as similar as possible to the ones that you've posted and see how they look with your ering. You might be surprised how the look in "real life" verus how you imagined they would look on your hand/with your ering.


I was really suprised by how the wedding band that matched the style of my ering (and that I thought I loved) looked with my ering. It ended up being too wide at 3mm and having too much bling and it overwhelmed and hide some of the detail. Even when I tried a thinner, smaller version of the same ring I didn't totally love the look. Then I tried on a shared prong eternity which I never thought would be my style and ended up loving it!


Both choices you posted are beautiful so you can't make a "wrong" choice, you just have to decide which look you would like seeing on your hand everyday better!

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