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  1. The strapless looks fabulous. I would go with that choice.
  2. logorman

    bouquet home?

    I just got back from Jamaica a few weeks ago and I brought my bouquet, his bout. , stem of orchids, red rose and my cake. I carried the cake in a box and the flowers were in my carry-on. I even told customs I had flowers and they let me go through without any problem.
  3. I'm getting married at Sandals Royal Carribean on Apr 1. You can purchase pictures a la carte and they send you the pricing once you book the wedding. I went with an a la carte package myself. Ask away if you have any other questions.
  4. I'm not having a bridal party no one is going with us to Jamaica either. We decided to be selfish and have the week to ourselves and not entertain anyone. It is a second marriage for both of us and we each have children so that would also create problems and the cost would be crazy. I have a very good friend that was hinting to go with us but I had to stick to our original plan and say no. We will have lots of pictures to show everyone so hopefully they will understand. Do what makes you happy and not what others want because it is your day.
  5. The eyelet dress is beautiful and gets my vote.
  6. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Your dress and jewellery were perfect. Thank you for sharing your special day.
  7. logorman

    Riu wedding requirments and Docs

    Quote: Originally Posted by ochoriobride I will arrive saturday and our wedding is tuesday. They said it was ok.... I also arrive on Saturday and the wedding is on Tuesday and was told that is just fine.
  8. That is really poor of your wedding party to be complaining. If they had issues with cost they shouldn't have accepted the invitation to participate or they should have talked to you about it privately. You did the right thing by letting them go because the wedding is all about the bride and groom. The attendants are there to help you out, not stress you out. Don't feel bad about what you did because you have enough to take care of. If they come around then ok but if they don't you will have a fantastic time no matter what. Congratulations and enjoy the whole marriage experience.
  9. A beautiful ring, congratulations.
  10. My vote is for #4. It is very flattering.
  11. logorman

    He cooked dinner.

    Very sweet. Please post pics of your ring.
  12. logorman


    That is sooo romantic. Congratulations!
  13. Too funny. I thought I was the only one that practiced #10.
  14. logorman

    9 Things I Hate About Everyone

    Those are great and so true!
  15. logorman

    New Playa del Carmen Bride

    Welcome and congratulations. Just a few weeks until you get married.....how exciting.