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  1. Awesome photos!! You two really have a unique energy that you bring to photos. It makes you want to look at a hundred more! Your wedding photos are sure to be beautiful!
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    Ttd !!!!!!!

    Mine are included with my wedding slideshow if you would like to take a look: Becky and Brian I HIGHLY recommend doing one - it was so much fun:)
  3. My wedding was also photographed by Elizabeth Medina and she is a true talent! Here is a link to my slideshow: Becky and Brian
  4. For all of you that have dates reserved or are still trying to reserve at The Royal PDC, please take my advice and be PERSISTENTLY STERN!! I know that it sounds a little much, but as Sarah mentioned the original WC (Paty) responded rather quickly and the current WC is not very timely. I personally know that your day there will truly be AMAZING because I've been in your shoes, but I understand how you feel waiting for answers and feeling like the biggest day of your life is kind of 'up in the air'. I found that if I sent emails with a little extra force behind them (ie. this is the most important day of my life and we are spending quite a bit of money, I would really appreciate a quick response as I am starting to feel extremely nervous about how my wedding may turn out if I am not receiving responses), it seemed to move things forward quite a bit faster. The thing is that all of the people that work for the resort are truly wonderful, especially the wedding and reception coordinators. I honestly feel that they have had QUITE a pickup in wedding bookings and are extremely slammed and really doing the best they can. However, that is not something that a bride who has never met them or been there can understand and this IS the most important day of our lives, so it is absolutely understood that we all want answers, and timely ones at that. My one piece of advice is that and that to remember: the wedding WILL be truly AMAZING!!
  5. thank you everyone! i wanted to give an update that i received these books today by fedex and they are even better in person...love, love, love them!! i couldn't wait until mother's day, so i already gave my mom hers and she cried and of course loved it, also. i highly recommend my publisher...the quality is wonderful!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by DreaW Quick question how did you do the advance book jacket? With the writing on the inside panel? Trying to figure it out. Love your book by the way. i almost forgot to answer your question...the advanced book jacket is an option when you are in the bookmaker program and you are already designing your book. after you have chosen that you want a hardback book with a cover and you go into the design, there will be a button at the bottom of the page (like the normal buttons to enhance photos, page layout, etc) that says "advanced jacket". you click on that and it will bring up the advanced option. also, if you don't have the latest version of the bookmaker installed, you will have to update that in order for the option to appear. i had made a book back in november and it was not an option then, so i had to update the software and then it worked for me. let me know if you have any other questions.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Michelle&Steve it looks absolutely fabulous!!! very exciting.. im def going to make them for our moms after the wedding.. and your pictures are beautiful.. so exciting .. cant wait to have elizabeth photograph our wedding! how much did the album end up costing, if you dont mind me asking.. i know...elizabeth does an AMAZING job!!! i cannot give her enought praises! the book was $73 with shipping, but i got the 2nd free, so essentially they were $36.50 a piece, which i think is a great deal for a 95 page book! Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege Wow! I LOVE this book! I hope you don't mind, but I plan on stealing a lot of your ideas for how you designed your book. Is that okay? I hope so. You really did a brilliant job! steal away!! i got a lot of my ideas on layouts from another girl who made a book and posted her ideas on another website. she gave me the idea of leaving some of the photo slots blank, which really made all of the difference in the book to me and made me really happy with the layouts because i could alter them to fit my needs. she also gave me the idea of the lyrics of the songs printed next to the dance photos. Quote: Originally Posted by Raeka You did an amazing job with those books. Your Moms are going to LOVE them! Is your cover a photo or is it the cloth like fabric ones? thank you so much! the cover is a photo - it is a book jacket like any book you would find at a book store. it even prints on the spine of the book jacket, which is a nice touch. Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride Okay, when I commented yesterday I didn't actually look at your book (because I stupidly assumed it wouldn't work for me, because links to photos never do when I am at work). So just wanted to add that your book is amazing! I wish I had seen it before I made mine because you have many great ideas, i.e. It looks like you left some of the photo slots empty on some of your pages right? That's a good idea, would have maybe helped for some of the pages where there was no layout that met my needs (like discribed above re: horizontal and vertical photos). I also love the pages that have tons of photos (I had one page with 8 photos and that was the most) and I so wish I had thought of the idea of putting the invitation wording on the first page! I did think of putting our vows next to a picture of my husband saying his, I love that page! Also your photos are amazing! Who was your photographer? thanks so much! like i mentioned above, i got a lot of my ideas regarding the layout and leaving out the photos from another girl's book that i saw. i understand what you were saying about the layout options and then after seeing hers, realized that you can do things like that to make it fit your style much better. my photographer was elizabeth medina and i am absolutely sure that it would not have turned out even a tenth of what it did without her amazing talent and artistic photos. i am very blessed to have had her as our photographer! thank you all for your positive feedback! i think our mom's will LOVE them and i can't wait to see their reactions!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan I love how you put the song lyrics by the dance pictures. Any chance you have the quotes you used typed where you can copy & paste them? There are so many great ones in your book I'd love to save. I also love the book jacket with the words on it. Your moms will love it! thank you everyone for your nice comments. i really appreciate them. morgan, i added a word attachment with lots of wedding quotes - some i used, some i did not, but they all should be on the attachment. i don't have the authors of the quotes. i found that when i was searching for quotes, there were quite a few times that i would write down the author and then find that another website listed a different person as the author...so, rather than list an incorrect author, i left all of my quotes w/out that info. Wedding_Quotes[1].doc
  9. i made a photobook of our wedding photos (all pro photos by elizabeth medina) with MyPublisher for my mom and dh's mom for mother's day. they are always doing specials for buy one, get a copy of the same book free...so it worked out perfectly for mother's day gifts. here is the link for anyone who is interested in possibly using MyPublisher. i am very satisfied with their quality and intend to make one for us to have, also. MyPublisher | View your Photo Book, share and reorder.
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    Small wedding, I mean really small

    We only had 7 guests at our wedding (although we invited about 160). We knew that we would have only 10 or less, but we were completely happy with it. It allowed everyone to just hang out together for the few days before and after and it was such a small, intimate group that it really ended up being great because we really got to spend quality time with our guests. I wouldn't change it at all!
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    Are you and your fiance waiting to consumate...

    We were together the night we got engaged and then we decided (mostly I decided and he agreed) to wait again until our wedding night.
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    Post pictures of......

    Quote: Originally Posted by Christa Well, I'm super bummed I can't post any pics of our actual house - we still don't have internet access...ergo can't upload pics & post to BDW. GRRRR. However, I did buy a new couch this weekend, luckily it's up on Macy's website, so here's a link.... Macy*s - Furniture - Vice Versa Modular Tufted-Leather Living Room Furniture Collection I am super stoked because I got 5 pieces for $600 at auction!!! Retail would have been $4300 for the two corner pieces, two armless chairs & one ottoman. Hell ya!!! Wow!! What a great deal! I love that couch!
  13. I think you should definitely tell her how you feel. It is a lot of money to spend to not voice your opinions or concerns. The absolute worst thing that can happen is that you end up reprinting them yourself. But, it is an honest mistake to think that they would look as they do online. I would certainly explain what you thought they would look like and see what can be done.
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    Yay! Finally! *UPDATED*

    YAY!!! Congratulations on your engagement!! What an exciting day for you!! Let the planning begin!!!!!!!!!!!