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  1. I used Nesya Berman, she was wonderful. She did my hair and make up for my night before party and the wedding. Neysa Berman
  2. I used Nesya Berman, she was wonderful. She did my hair and make up for my night before party and the wedding. Neysa Berman
  3. I used Adriana from the flower cart..very efficient, organized and friendly. I had no prolems with them at all. here is there email info@tfccabo.com
  4. OK, fell off the wagon for about a week since i was on Vacation! but back to it, pilates yesterday and today and then going on vacation again on thursday! (not complaining) but i plan on really getting back on track in may
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by jarauz Hey Twinkletoes, I Am So Glad You Made The Post. I Have Been Ready About The Master Cleanse All Week And Doing Research. I Am Really Interested In Doing It. I Am Actually Going To Order The Kit In 2 Weeks Because I Will Be Out Of The State. I Want To Begin It When I Get Back. Last Summer I Did The Atkins For 2 Months And Took A Kick-boxing Class. I Lost 25 Pounds. Its Been 8 Months And I Gained 10 Pounds Back. I Am So Angry At Myself. I Was Doing Very Well. But, I Started Others Jobs, Now Total Of 3 Jobs, Went Back To School For My Masters And Have Stop Going To The Gym....bad Girl I Am.......but, I Have Been Looking Forward To Starting Again After The Master Cleanse Diet... I would save some money and not order the kit. Its very easy just lemon, kayanne pepper and maple suryup. thats it. Quote: Originally Posted by twinkletoes A guy here at work recently did a liquid diet called The Master Cleanse, nicknamed the 'Lemonade Diet'. He originally did it for detoxifying/cleansing purposes, and boy can I say he lost 20+lbs in less than a month. How healthy is this diet, I'm not sure. The only thing is, he didnt eat ANY food he said for 18 days. And it doesnt sound to tasty to me, but to each his own. I LOVE food waaay to much, but I'm debating on whether or not I want to try it right before the wedding. Anybody out there ever been on a liquid diet I Did this cleanse. I aggree with what everyone has said. Don't do it for weight loss. I also wouldn't necessarly recommend it for cleansing either. There are so many better cleanses out there that really detox your body, while you still eat, but eat all organic. granted you eat very little but you also take vitamins and purifying herbs. The Master Cleanse has way too much sugar in it. Yes you do loose weight but if you eat healthy for 10 days you'll loose weight as well. I lost 8 pounds when i did it, which i didn't need to, but I was so hungry the day I went off of it. It was really hard to ajust back to normal food again and gradually I wanted to eat everything insight and I already eat healthy. It through me off completely. I didn't feel that good as well. I have done other cleanses and lost weight on them and felt so much better, and didn't go through the struggles of hungry.
  6. yay! awesome. let me know what you think!
  7. looks wonderful! congratulations!! thanks for sharing the pics
  8. It looks soooo great!!! and sooo much fun! CONGRATULATIONS! can't wait to see more
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