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  1. Hey ladies...an old Dreams PC Bride here. My wedding was in June and we had a private reception on the terrace.
  2. I prefer the outskirts of the city. The closer to the A you live, the higher your cost of living will be. I prefer Rockdale County, Henry County, or Covington which is Newton County. It's further out, but you can get a LOT more home for the $. Just be aware that traffic is a nightmare in the city. If you do some research on companies that you would like to work for and get a general idea of their location, you can make a decision based upon that. PM me if you need any more info.
  3. This sounds GREAT! Reed doesn't drink, but he loves some watermelon. I'm gonna spike his glass!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by quackquack I just checked out the website. What products do you use and are they really good? I need to switch what I am using. I LOVE Dies en uno deep conditioner. I use it faithfully twice a month. My best friend uses whale sperm treatment. I usually switch up on the shampoos, but anything with silica is great for my hair.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by CATHERINE&RANDY Wow... you looked beautiful. Everything looks like it turned out great. I am so glad you posted all of this info and pictures. This really helped me a whole lot. I had some questions about the gezebo. I was worried about it being to small for a little crowd but your pictures looked like it was perfect. I didn't want to have people standing all around the gezebo. This helped me make my mind upabout this resort. How was the beaches there? Did ya'll Have a photogragher and if so who? You had a lot of good things to share. Thanks lots. The g
  6. Seems like I missed it too. Happy Belated Anniversary!
  7. Reed & I tasted the Mamajuana at a local shop and it was STRONG. It felt like I was gonna grow hairs on my chest. I bought a Larimar earring & bracelet for my Goddaughter, some Santa Domingo coffee, a coral earring & necklace for me and some Brugal rum. My MIL bought us a faceless Taino wood doll. The shopping and bargaining was good in Higuey. I actually paid $40 for all my items.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by PrecisePlans Wow.......I've been awaiting your return!! i'm so glad that everything turned out perfectly. You were a lovely bride!! Congrats! btw: I dream of going to DR to stock up on loads of hair products.......yep, I'm a junkie.........LOLOLOL No need to go there for products. I found this site that sells ALL the products and YES, I'm a junkie too ! :::RoundBrushHair!:::
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