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    Dreams Cabo Brides

    Quote: Originally Posted by cndisue58 Hey, I'm getting married THIS Saturday at Dreams. The weather report says scattered Thunderstorms! Arrrgh! I am also getting married at Dreams in Cabo this Saturday and I am freaking out about the weather report. Think sunny thoughts, think sunny thoughts! What time is your wedding? And where is it supposed to be? I hope they didn't double book us!!
  2. DreamsDreamer

    Dreams Resort in July

    Welcome July bride!! I am getting married at Dreams Cabo in July too!! This site has been amazing for me. Without it, I didn't have any plans done and I had no clue where to begin. After joining this forum, I had most of my plans done in two days! Now it's all about the little things like the OOT bags and center pieces. But otherwise, all the big stuff is done. You will love it here....very addicting!!
  3. I think that most brides take the dress with them on the plane. You call your airline and you let them know that you will be travelling with your wedding dress. They will most likely allow you to hang it in their on flight closet. It shouldn't get terribly wrinkled. Also, most hotels have a steaming service, but I will be bringing my own handheld steamer so that I can be sure that they don't mess up my dress in any way. But definitely take it with you on the plane, you want it in your sight and by your side at all times!!
  4. This is one of those "find out who your true friends are" moments. My FI and I decided from day one to not have a wedding party because of this exact reason. We thought it might be best to give people their own option of seeing if it was worth it to come out for our wedding. Because we didn't want ANYONE, I repeat, ANYONE to be there who is going to complain. We don't want to hear one complaint that week. So my mom is going to stand up with me and my FI's brother is going to stand up for him and that's it. Everyone else will be a willing guest. I know it sucks, but keeping it simple is one of the most wonderful things that you can do when having a DW. Don't feel sad! Feel happy!! You are going to have the people that mean the most to you there! No Drama!
  5. DreamsDreamer

    Big Day Bootcamp

    I just did Big Day Bootcamp and it's pretty good. I followed it with Bob's Cardio Max (from The Biggest Loser) and both of those combined really worked out my butt and thighs. Feels good after not working out in two weeks! If you go On Demand on Comcast and click on the Sports and Fitness Tab, you will find these segments and a bunch more that you can pick and choose from and do something everyday that will work your body out in different ways. I don't know why I didn't think about doing this sooner! Thanks!
  6. DreamsDreamer

    Brides from Chicago.....

    ps. I used to use this trainer and we were doing sprint work for awhile (back at the UCLA track in California, I miss it!!) anyway, that got me in shape pretty quick so I wouldn't mind showing you girls some of the stuff we did. But maybe waiting for that until it gets warmer would be wise so that we don't pull any muscles when it's super cold like this.
  7. DreamsDreamer

    Brides from Chicago.....

    Is anyone having a difficult time motivating when it's so cold outside? I am not really a gym rat, I love being outdoors, but living here is so hard for me because I can't get up and go when it's so cold. I haven't worked out in two weeks, I was doing some Tae Bo tapes before, but I want to feel some fresh air going into my body when I work out, not just stifled apartment air. Has anyone had any success with keeping workouts going? Would anyone be interested in doing a Monday walk/jog after work? Maybe even before work? I know that there is a track off of Chicago and Inner Lake Shore Drive. Or if anyone has any other ideas for a track that is in Chicago and might have better parking, let me know. I think it might be helpful to start a group and that will help to get something going that is more consistent. Thanks! ps. I used to use this trainer and we were doing sprint work for awhile (back at the UCLA track in California, I miss it!!) anyway, that got me in shape pretty quick so I wouldn't mind showing you girls some of the stuff we did. But maybe waiting for that until it gets warmer would be wise so that we don't pull any muscles when it's super cold like this.
  8. Oh! good to know that we should bring our receipts. I think I would feel more at peace boxing them up and bringing them with also. We pay extra either way, whether shipping them beforehand or taking them with. So might as well see them and know that they get to the hotel with you, rather than wandering aimlessly and hoping that they end up in Yesica's office. I know that Yesica requested that all favors and items be sent one month prior to the wedding, but then they just sit there in the office anyway.
  9. DreamsDreamer

    Choose My Wedding Band....

    I say #1...it fits the width of your ring and I think it would match best!
  10. Hi ladies, My TA just got back from a site visit at Dreams Cabo and she came back with some info that I would have never thought of. Yesica told her that when shipping favors, center pieces, etc. to the hotel a month before the wedding, to make sure that nothing is "Made In China" because it will be confiscated and not allowed in the Country. They search these incoming boxes. She said a bride shipped so many cute trinkets that were Made In China and she never got to use any of it because it was not allowed. So one more thing to add to the list to be worried about. How frustrating!!!
  11. DreamsDreamer

    Just got back from Cabo-Site Visit!

    Thanks for the review. It is very reassuring. I have talked to Yesica a lot on the phone and she really is very nice. We definitely are in good hands!
  12. DreamsDreamer

    July '08 NEWLYWEDS chat!

    I sent out my invites at the end of January....people are so darn slow in responding though. I think we have 25 people so far. Mostly close family which is fine with me. But we sent out 70 invites. It would be nice to know the final number so that I can get going on the OOT bags. Otherwise, I am in the same boat with all of you girls here. Wedding dress alterations Not sure what to do about my hair FI gift OOT bags and contents Pick menu for rehearsal dinner and reception get center piece materials Ship stuff to Dreams a month in advance lots of little things!!
  13. #2 is cool. I like how the water draws your eye to the S of Save. Very cool! Number two Number two!
  14. DreamsDreamer

    Dreams Cabo Brides

    Thanks! I appreciate the info! Congrats to you Courtney! Your day is right around the corner! Dee
  15. DreamsDreamer

    Dreams Cabo Brides

    Hi...I don't know if I am remembering this correctly but can any of the Dreams Cabo brides help me out? For the wedding day.....is it $24/pp for the ceremony and $24/pp for the reception as well? or is it just $24/pp for the whole evening? Thanks, Dee