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  1. I wish I had seen this thread sooner! I'm posting anyway, mostly because I loved my veil so much. When I was planning my wedding, I wasn't even sure whether or not I'd get a veil. Then I tried a few on and found this one, and I knew I had to wear this veil. For me, it ended up being as important as my dress, and it was so much fun. It also made for some amazing pics imho! I think this one shows how shear my veil was. I loved how it kind of just floated around my face without taking away: This one is obviously from when I was getting ready on the day. I've included it because I think it shows the detail on the veil really well.
  2. Wednesday, Dec 16 @ 10:22pm. Also relaxing on the couch with my dog and DH! Just got home from very fun office xmas party. Hoping will not be hungover in the morning.
  3. Yeah, it's totally crazy, and think it's a definite. In fact, I think (based on the Who's Who... Nadine will know what this means) we are like 2 floors apart, on the same freaking side of the building!
  4. You're not out of place Kris, just more interesting than the rest of us, ha ha! Interior design sounds awesome - I'm jealous!!
  5. I'm adding my '08 date too! Oct 4/08: Sherry + Patrick @ Wailea Marriott + Seawatch (Sherry) Nov 5/08: Lisa + Jayson @ Mokapu Beach + Seawatch (Chiquita) Feb 11/09: Trish + Bill @ Makena Secret Cove + Kimo's Restaurant (mplscold) Sep 26/09: Jackie + Jeff @ Fairmont Kea Lani (PaddleAddict) Oct 12/09: Rina + Yuriy @ Kapalua Bay + Son'z Restaurant at Hyatt Regency (rina) Oct 14/09: Deb + John @ Kalaeokai'a Estate + Five Palms Restaurant (da.schmoopies) Oct 18/09: Patty + Jason @ Old Lahaina Luau for wedding & reception (mspattemac) Nov 12/09: Karina + Cory @ Ritz Carlton Kapalua (1sunshine) Nov 18/09: Vanessa + Jared @ Maui Tropical Plantation (brightesthour) Feb 10/10: Laura + Jim @ Maria Lanakila + TBD Reception (laura&james) Feb 11/10: Jane + Mark @ Makena Secret Cove + Capishe? (hawaiidreaming) Feb 25/10: Adam and Sandra @ Ritz Carlton Kapalua (sehender) Mar 10/10 Ruth & Erik @ Makena Cove & TBD (madiamondgal) April 7/10: Tami & Adam @ Private Estate in west Maui (tovaqt) May 4,5 or 6?/10: Leah + Dillon @ Royal Lahania (photopia) May ??/10: Susan + David @ Grand Wailea + TBD (just4susan) May 22/10: Huey + Isaac @ Honua Kai Lani + Spago (Huey) June 7/10: Brenna + Doug @ Kapalua Bay Beach + Old Lahaina Luau (Brenna) June 12/10: Autumn + Mike @ Ritz-Carlton Kapalua (asharp) June 17/10: Krystall + Nick @ Olowalu Plantation House + Old Lahaina Luau (azulskies) June 26/10: Jessica + Dan @ The Bailey House Museum + Sarrento's on the Beach (jam8x2) July 28/10: Lisa + Al @ Olowalu Plantation House (lwav8176) July 29/10: Julie + Brent @ TBD Ceremony & Reception (jewels0729) Aug 9/10: Lisa + Daniel @ Wailea Golf Club (lower knoll) + SeaWatch Restaurant (pjlisa) Aug 14/10: Liz + Michael @ Merriman's Kapalua Oct 19/10: Amanda + Patrick @ Kula Botanical Garden+ Ruth's Chris (Amanda81) May 12/11: Lindsay + Justin @ Olowalu Plantation House (weiky)
  6. We went to a luau for our rehearsal dinner, at the Wailea Marriott (we were having our ceremony on the hotel grounds). People loved it. We would have done one of the luaus up by Lahaina, but we since we were having the wedding in Wailea, we wanted to stay on the south side. Further to everyone else's comments, I've heard really good things about Hula grill too.
  7. So cute - congrats!! I love having a dog, it's so much fun!!!
  8. I was just wondering if anyone else has a pending online order from Anthropologie and is waiting longer than usual for it? I placed an order on Nov 29th, and it was supposed to take 7-10 days to deliver. I know it has only been 13 days, which I suppose isn't that much past the 10, but the thing that's concerning me is that when I pull up the tracking information, nothing appears to have happened on it since Dec 2nd. That seems like a really long time for a package to just sit at some postal office or something without at least moving to another outlet. I emailed Anthropologie about it, and they were extremely apologetic and have put a trace on the package, but apparently it could take 7-10 days to find out anything. I realize things are slower right now because of the holidays, etc., but I was just wondering if anyone else is waiting longer than usual for a package from Anthropologie. Mostly, I'm just hoping that it's a general slowness with these orders right now, which would give me hope that it's still going to come!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by *Heather* You can get the bottoms repaired - and also add a red protective coating on the bottom so that they won't get scratched up again. My bff just did this and it only cost her $50 for it and she said it looks awesome! Just a heads up. I plan on doing this with both of my loubs as soon as I get a chance to take them in. I've done this with mine too, and it works super well!
  10. Engineering tech sounds like a great option Cara. It's so hard to decide though!
  11. I had a crazy day and I feel like I missed so much on this thread. Have just finally gotten caught up on BDW and it's time to go to bed. Quote: Originally Posted by KRama Add me to the O&G list! Some of us probably ride the elevator together every morning and have no idea we "know" each other. haha I'll bet this is totally true!! Quote: Originally Posted by *Nadine* If we all work downtown we should plan a lunch in the new year or something? I love this idea. Quote: Originally Posted by ChristinaP It's funny how much people switch and change their minds! I started out in Social Work, and was barely out of school before I decided that it is not for me. Bartended for quite a while (hard to give up the $!!!!) before getting where I am. Don't want to stay here. Good for you Nadine for going back to school for your MBA! And Cara, I really don't think you can have too much education. Something, even short courses, always comes in handy! I love how people switch careers so much now, especially compared to in the past. I love being a lawyer, but sometimes I'll start thinking maybe I should be a chef (could I find two more opposite professions), then I'll go out to the field for a day and start thinking I want to be an engineer. Apparently I'm just plain indecisive!!
  12. Our ceremony was on grass, and our pictures were on the beach (no TTD) and my dress really wasn't that bad after the wedding. The edges did get a little bit wet when we were doing pictures, and I think that got rid of most of the dirt from the sand. Looking back though, I really don't know how it didn't get dirtier than it did - I wonder if it helped that it didn't have lace on the bottom. So weird though!
  13. Okay, I just saw this thread now, and I'm totally reviving it. It's awesome! Here's mine... When our flower girl decided that she was tired of tossing the petals a handful of time, so just turned over her basket and dumped them all out in the middle of the aisle. When she was done, she clapped her hands and shouted "yay!". It was hilarious!! I can't explain it, but I can never get over this little guy in his sunglasses. He wore them until the sun went down, and it was so adorable and hilarious at the same time!
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