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  1. The best dad and the whole wide world ) so excited I had to clap muah! sand ceremony Kevin crying... so sweet
  2. Ok here ya go.... Here are a couple teasers, the rest are in the album. Cabo Wedding Photography- powered by SmugMug If they ask for the password its arnold
  3. Saraha


    Welcome to the forum, tons of the girls on here got married at dreams and Im sure will have tons of info for you
  4. Saraha


    Hi Pam, Welcome to the forum. Congrats on your son getting married, thats so exciting!
  5. Ok girls.... Im a bad girl and still have not done a review, life has been CRAZY since we got back. But we just got our proffessional pics in. Here are the TTD. It was sooo much fun our photographer was beyond amazing.......
  6. I am so in love with your dress, gorgeous. The did a great job on the bussle, you look BEAUTIFUL!!!
  7. I cant wait till next monday, but I must say... I am all for Jason. I have wanted him from the beginning. But like Alyssa said, it would be interesting to see how the whole move thing would go since they are so far away. It would be hard for Jason to move b/c of his kid and DeAnna b/c of her fam. As for jesse, I think he is a totally awesome guy but cant see her setteling down with him. I dont know that he is ready for the commitment even though he says he is. Aso for Jeremy..sorry girls but I couldnt stand him.. I dont know something about him drove me crazy. Always way to serious and just didnt look like a happy guy. Well thats my summary. Cant wait to see what happens!!!!
  8. The only gifts that our guests brought were cards. We didnt say anything to them about bring or not bringing gifts. But I think people (hopefully) get the idea that you have to bring it back with you and just get you cards. That wmy experience anyways.
  9. How fun, this will be awesome!
  10. awww so cute Martha... lol your crazy about looking huge. You look too cute, all belly once again not fair!
  11. OMG, Im so sorry to hear about everything. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. We will all be thinking of you.
  12. HAHA those are too funny! I have nothing good compared to these names... I know a guy named Edward Edwards and went to school with a Crystal Ball.
  13. Mo-Im so sorry to hear you lost 8lbs, sounds like you are starting to feel better though.. you will be back on tract in no time. Martha- So happy to hear that little Noah is doing wonderful. See all that worrying for nothing...JK thats what moms are for! Lisa- Are you serious with how freakin cute you are?? So not fair!!!
  14. OMG that looks amazing... you guys look like you had tons of fun, and what a cute little baby!
  15. Im so sorry to hear that, but will definetly be thinking of you and your father.
  16. How exciting on the interview. Keep us update with how everything goes... and its a good thing the novacain (sp) wore off... dont know how good of an impression it would leave if your drooling all over yourself haha
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by TammyB We are still trying to raise money for her surgery. She can't have surgery until she's 10-12 weeks old, but right now she is finally able to go #2, but requires a bath after each time. She is also has a tube and like any puppy wants to chew on the tube. It make me so happy to know that she can go potty now. Im sure she is still in pain but not nearly as much... hope you got enough donations to take care of the little thing. Keep us updated, I would love to hear how the little guys doing.
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