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  1. Just an FYI I dont think many Americans do Stag and Does/Buck and Does/ Jack and Jills. It seems to be a Canadian thing. Honestly there really isnt a whole lot out there that you can do to make money for little work. I think if there was we would all be doing it!
  2. Welcome to the forum! I had to comment because of your screen name. My 2nd baby (whos 3 months now) is named Ethan. Just thought Id share.lol
  3. YAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope your first bday as a married woman is amazing!!!
  4. Its for sure the couples decision. Being pregnant is really uncomfortable and you are highly emotional so I can see why she would want him not to go. You never know though, maybe when you are all there she will change her mind, but for now dont push it and just be glad that they are going to make it to your big day.
  5. If the tattoos are all on one shoulder Im sure the photographer could work around them easily. Just have the shoulder facing the oposite way. Also photoshoping is an option, but I think a lot of people think photoshop is this super easy quick fix, when its actually quite a lot of work. Especially if its in lots of pics, so I would make sure you talk with your photog first.
  6. I am also in agreement that your son should be a part of this day. At his age he will say he doesnt care, but Im sure deep down he really does. Couldnt you take your son with you to Jamaica? Or get married back home and then have a symbolic ceremony in Jamaica with your FI? I just know that our son was a HUGE part of our wedding and I would have regreted him not being a part of it every day if we had left him out of the wedding.
  7. haha, well Im not too concerned about finding personalized things for my son since now you can order any name on anything. Plus you cant find Rayden on anything and so far it hasnt really bothered anyone.lol Oh and our last name starts with a C, so it will be either ERC or BRC. So not really funny names.
  8. Wow Im so sorry you are going through this. I know how stressful buying a new house is and especially moving when you are pregnant! We just moved into our home last month and it wasnt fun being so far along and moving. I really hope that you are able to find something good soon. IVe heard the market is really bad in the U.S. Its not great here, but its deffinately nothing like your economy. That being said, I know we had a tougher time buying our new home this year than we would have had last year. Try to keep positive about everything and Im sure it will work out for you!
  9. OK just an FYI.. Benton is a Japanese god, as is Rayden so thats a reason we really liked it. And the middle name is going to be Robin because DH says it has to be.lol Since Rayden's middle name wasnt Robin he feels the 2nd boys has to be. Thanks for all the votes ladies! I just wish kids came named, it would be WAY easier.lol
  10. Thanks ladies. Agh, its just such a hard decision!! I think they both sound fine with our last name so Im not worried about that. I know I should probablly stick with what I already chose, I just dont want EVERY kid having the same name. And I thought we were being differnet with Ethan, who knew it was so popular.lol Thanks everyone for voting!
  11. I know a lot of people do this. My DH and I lived together for 4 years before we married but we didnt abstaine before the wedding, just the night before the wedding. I think you should do whatever feels right to you.
  12. OK so as you can see by my ticker we picked the name Ethan for our baby. Well I dont know why but all of a sudden were second guessing ourselves with the name. (maybe because its the #1 boys name in Canada right now) So anyways we have a 2nd name we love as well and I just want to know what everyone else thinks. So please vote for which name you like better, and without sounding like TOO much of a bitch, if you dont like either name, please dont vote, cause I really just want to know between the two names and I dont have much time left.lol
  13. Oooh Mandalay Bay is gorgeous! Thats where me and DH went for our early honeymoon. The beach area is really large and I think a wedding would look pretty awesome out there in the night! I didnt see anything about weddings when I was there, but that being said I wasnt really looking for anything. Best of luck!
  14. Well if you both decided to get married and picked a date it sounds like you are engaged. You dont need a ring to be engaged, its just a symbol. So ya, Id say you are engaged.
  15. We watched "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" and it was pretty freaking hilarious. Im not sure what other movies weve watched lately though. We watch so many and yet none have really stood out.
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