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  1. Hi ladies, I haven't been on this forum in such a long time! I just came back to work from my maternity leave, so now I actually have time to get to a computer and catch up on the forum. I hope everyone is doing well! I have to read through these posts and see if I find any of you that were pregnant at the same time as me to catch up!! My daughter, Sabrina, was born (very painfully!) on November 3, 8.8 lbs & 20 in. She's adorable; such a great baby!! My son, Matthew, is almost 19 months and he's just a ball of energy. It's difficult with them both so close in age and both so little right now, but i'm glad we decided to them close in age because we're not planning on having any more. Here are some pics of them:
  2. Yes, already!!! We haven't talked about it much, but we both like either Sabrina or Sophia. Â Sorry to hear about her ear infections. Good luck with getting the tube procdure next week. My friend's daughter had those put in a few months ago and she's had no ear infections since then. She was getting multiple ear infections monthy before them.
  3. This thread has been way too quiet lately! How's everyone doing? Â Seaprincess- Good luck with TTC! Â I'm 30 weeks pregnant this week and my son just turned 13 months. Needless-to-say, I'm exhausted! I'm starting to REALLY get scared about having 2 babies so close in age. Probably something I should have thought about before, lol! Other than that, we are having crown-molding installed in her nursery next week, then we'll be buying the furniture. I'm having 2 baby showers at the end of the month, so I'm excited to see all the cute little girl clothes (which I already have tons of!). Â I hope you are all doing/feeling well Â
  4. Hi Danielle! How's life as a mommy been going? Gavin is so adorable!!! I love your signature pic of him; too cute!! Yes, I'm preggo again It's way different this time around but I'm trying to enjoy my pregnancy as much as I can. Good hearing from you!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege Martin, are you doing anything exciting for Matthew's birthday party? I seriously can't believe that our little peanuts are almost ONE!!! How crazy!?!?! We're having a pool party for Kora. so we'll see how that goes! HI!! I know, I can't believe it either! Why do they grow up so quickly?! Is Kora walking yet?! Please post a recent pic of hers; I would love to see what she looks like now. We're just having a pool party for him too with our parents/close friends. We didn't really want to have a gigantic 1st bday (which the grandparents weren't too happy about) because if we invite both sides of our family that would make it way too big. Maybe next year we'll have the big party, but this year will be low key.
  6. Congrats on your new addition Shea! When are you due? I can't believe I'm planning my son's first birthday party already! Where does time go? He's so active right now and I'm exhausted chasing after him, but other than that I'm really loving this age. Pregnancy is going good. She just started kicking me a lot which is good because I forget I'm pregnant a lot of the times. It's sad when people ask me how far along I am and I have no clue. Reality is with your second pregnancy you have no time to really be pregnant! I've already started on her room and I'm really excited to see everything completed. How's everyone else feeling?
  7. it will only get worse with kids- trust me, you have no time to clean! We went from a family of 2 to now a family of 3 (soon-to-be 4) and went from a 1,200 sq ft home to a 3,700. I need a maid ASAP But, I'm trying to do the responsible thing since we have so many expenses coming up with a new baby and wait for a while to hire a house keeper. I want to pay off my student loans and my car before I am willing to splurge on a cleaner. In the mean time, I only clean what I really have to and it's never all really done
  8. I didn't have a bridal party either. The only friends and family that I would have asked were the only ones going to the wedding so I wouldn't have had any guests. My two best friends took me to Vegas for my bachelorette party and that was completely unexpected. My aunt surprised me with a shower, that was unexpected as well. i'm super grateful I had those events, but I wasn't planning on having them since I was already asking people to fly all the way out to Cancun. As far as the dress shopping , I just took my sister and my mom saw my dress when I purchased it. No matter who you are with or if you do/don't have a bach party/shower, your wedding planning and events will not be any less special. So, enjoy!
  9. I just got back from the big u/s and it's a GIRL!!! I'm in shock right now! I felt I was having a girl, just hearing it for the first time was crazy! I'm glad I'll have one of each now. She was not willing to move for us, so it took a while for us to actually see if she had something in between her legs or not. It's funny because my son was always moving during ultrasounds. He didn't like to have pressure on my stomach so he would kick back and turn all the time. She, on the other hand, was face down and wouldn't want to move. I hope this means she'll be calm, I don't know if I could handle to active kids
  10. Kayte- Congrats on your twin boys!! How exciting! You are going to love having boys. Now that I have a son I can understand why it's difficult to let go when your son is getting married (all though I'll never be one of the crazy MIL's!). jmb0902- Congrats on a girl! Are you already purchasing tons of cute clothes?! I love seeing all the cute summer outfits for baby girls out because there is zero for boys. Saves me $$ I guess... I hope everyone is doing and feeling well! I'm just counting down until we find out the gender so we can get started on the nursery. Also, I know this is my 2nd (and both pregnancys are super close) so it's a given that I was going to show a lot sooner, but I'm seriously huge. I was looking at my belly pics from last time and I'm as big right now as I was at 6 months with my son (plus 10 pounds that I didn't lose before getting knocked up again!). I don't even want to imagine what I'm going to look like at full term
  11. Hi ladies, Sorry I haven't been able to respond but thanks for all the concerns. I'm starting to regulate my bowl movements a bit more and that's because I haven't been taking my anti-nausea meds too often. But, I'm still having morning sickness although it has slightly improved. Now my eyes are getting dry and my contacts get blurry (this happen my entire second trimester with my son). If it's not one thing it's another! I went to have an ultrasound done yesterday and baby is doing well. He/She was dancing around in there. I find out the gender in exactly one month; can't wait! Regarding the BC pills, I got off of them after years of using them even before DH and I were engaged. I'm glad I did too because it took me almost a year to have a regular period. I think everyone just reacts differently to the change. My doc said the most common is 3 months for your period to regulate. I hope everyone else is doing good!
  12. You ladies are too cute!! Thanks for all the suggestions!! I've actually been drinking the Yogi Tea (and also the "Mother's to be" version that helps with morning sickness). Both didn't work I've been eating lots of prunes, plenty of fiber, etc. The doc just said since it's a combination of the pregnancy and meds that are causing the constipation, that the only thing that will really help me at this point is to stop taking the meds. So, for now I'll just take the meds when I'm super nauseous (and be constipated) and try taking a few med-free days and try to regulate my system again. I've also been taking stool softners (safe during pregnancy) and it helps a bit. It's funny that not being "regular" can be such a big deal- never realized how nasty you feel when you can't poop!!!! Now, I will be much more sympathetic when I see Activia commercials
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Andrea~ Mrs. Martin, feeling any better? Hope so! Thanks for thinking of me! I'm feeling a little better, not throwing up as much. The meds the doc gave me have a wonderful side effect: constipation! So, not only am i getting that from being pregnant, but now from my meds! It's getting to the point where I would rather throw up all day long than be constipated because my stomach is hurting so much. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that this will all go away as soon as the 1st trimester passes me by. Sloan- I'm so jealous that you are not having any morning sickness!!! Don't worry about the whole moving thing. We moved into our new house when I was 35 weeks pregnant and even though it was stressful, I'm glad we did it before the baby arrived. I hope everyone else is doing well
  14. OMG- I can't stop laughing regarding the phone message she left you both!!! That is so funny (probably not so much to you right now), but she seems so crazy!! I have to admit, now that I have a son i joke around with DH telling him that I'm never going to accept him getting married (which I won't!) and I'm always going to be his #1 girl...! DH just reminds me of how annoyed I get when his mother calls us at 9 pm wanting to have an hour long conversation with him and we want to spend "alone" time , so then I tell myself I could never do that to someone- even if I wanted to (ha ha). Mom's just feel so much for their little boys, but you're right, that can be a total deal breaker. Good thing he stands up to her and makes you a priority because that would cause major problems in a relationship. Good luck with the future MIL incidents, hopefully you won't have too many more!!
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