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  1. Hello All! I have been Back but I am sooooo drained...baby is taking over But I will put some stuff up soon, late but better late than never planning thread, Pics, baby bump etc. Congratz Ladies!!!!
  2. Hello Ladies! So I leave tmr AM and although I was warned not to post unless I am posting my planning thread....(Janine!) I am pooped! I am going to do it but maybe when I get back..we shall see how my time is looking.... OH! Great news...I went to Doc yesterday and.....It's A BOY! Yaaayyy!! Now I know the culprit who is kicking my A$$ Lol.. My next post will def. Be my planning thread...I'll let u know when its up! Ttyl!
  3. Well Lucky for us My brother in Law is a barber...and happens to be FI's barber..and he is coming with his clippers so he will be fine....maybe you should contact the resort and see if they offer services at the spa for mens cuts...or maybe you can find a local barber shop in the town?
  4. Here I am sis! I have been swamped with work! Of course before you try and leave the job before Vacay....there is always a sh*t load of work to do...smh.. But I am about ready..I am taking my dress tonight to get altered....praying that everything turns out fine. Got all my OOT stuff done, Fi's suit will be ready sat, All my templates and stuff printed and ready, Gonna put the ribbon on my fans tonight, ( bought silk fans not raffia....) Rings getting cleaned Sat, luggage will be done and packed by Sunday All of my pre travel stuff sent Oct. 1st and rec'd, Just trying to figure if Ill have time to do my Planning thread before...we shall see..... All that is left is to do is laundry and straighten up the house..I hate to come back from Vacation to a messy house.. Woop Woop.... Yaayyy!! -Mimi73 have a wonderful legal day! -Angelov321 looks like you are right on track! great job! -Monica Mai hello there! 38 days seems far but its sooooo close..Good Luck!
  5. I wonder if the MODS can Merge this thread with the Dreams Palm Beach? thread that was started already?
  6. I leave in exactly 9 DAYS!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! Ni Ni...How was your AHR/ Shower? I have no choice but to finish up all my stuff this week/ weekend...I still have no jewelry!!! I had FI /DH print out all of my templates/ welcome letters He will finish getting his suit tailored today, I drop my dress off WED/ Thurs ( Crossing fingers they have it ready by Monday, Tues the latest and it FITS!) I ordered Maternity summer clothes ( since none of mine fit and everything is ON SALE) and I have to PACK! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ready to GO! I hope the rain lets up though because I looked at the weather in Puta Cana for the next week or so and it Rain/ Thunderstorms...YIKES!!
  7. Melani Mena Weddings Planner/ Gerente de Bodas Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana Tel.: (809) 552-6000 Ext. 1718 Fax: (809) 468 - 2151 weddings.drepb@dreamssresorts.com http://www.dreamsresorts.com http://www.amresorts.com/brochures/drepb/
  8. Melanie is still there, I just got an email from her yesterday.
  9. Sorry to hear about your knee... I think you can still get dressed up and do everything as planned. U can take pics without the crutches (carefully) u just have to be creative and use your hubby as a "prop" . U can always get your crutches hand painted or buy some lace or ribbon and dress them up. I think although you may feel as if your day will not be what you HOPED it to be, you have to make it what you WANT it to be.. Good luck!!
  10. eeeww Dislike Peanut Butter?
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