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  1. oh i almost forgot... jackobelle... what do you think about forwarding some of your moms pics to the photog for him to edit.. kind of like a good will gesture or something for you guys.. this way he can create truly amazing pics out of something you might have considered as mediocre before hand.. just a thought
  2. Im just so shocked at the fact that blau would do that.... my wedding was also at the blau last may and we had two canadians roughly the same age as us (early 20's) who came as our photographers.. they were so ready to make us happy... it may have something to do with the fact that the photog lives in cuba and has a presence there... regardless its definitely an awful experience for sure.. but for future brides... i wouldnt write this place off as a destination or resort for that matter because i loved every second of my day and week at blau varadero...
  3. yeah thats a bit steep for sure... sorry i have been mia forever but its been a busy year...!!... i see you will be getting married in TWO DAYS!!! thats super exciting!! hope u love the blau as much as i did!!
  4. yes we did... you should probably do that ASAP.. they have to have all of the legal paperwork done before you arrive so it would be in your best interest to get that over to them soon!!! My DH and I went on the day trip to Havana the day after the wedding .. and we loved it .. we did not go to the tropicana show because we ended up going to the "pirates cave" with a bunch of the workers at blau ... its literally a club inside a cave and they had a mini tropicana show and then an open dance floor afterwards.. so i guess we didnt have the need to do the show when we went to havana... btw .. i lo
  5. i know how u two are feeling... my DHs father and step mom chose not to come.. and after everything was said and done.. we still had a beautiful day .. and they felt like goofs when everything was said and done.. he will never get that chance back to be at his sons wedding and it was not going to ruin our day!.. so try to be positive.. and think of it this way.. if the people that care about u the most take their time to go to ur wedding.. then those are the people u will be able to count on for the rest of ur lives/marriage! IMO
  6. Hi everyone... sorry i have been MIA for so long!!... - the hair dresser is awesome and he did an amazing job on my hair-- i would definitely be booking him! Just a word of advice though, make sure that you book for at least 1 1/2 hours before the wedding because he is very meticulous and likes to make your hair perfect!. - as for the a la carte restaurants, we went to palma real for the reception dinner and it was very nice! they even had a live band playing cuban style music during the whole dinner! - one thing i wish we would have done, was had an organized dance recept
  7. i absolutely agree with YOURSTRULY... your sister will always be your sister and you only get married once (hopefully) .. and I think taking time out to talk to her one on one about the fact that it WILL break your heart if she's not there for your special day! I understand if she was crying but that was her own bringing on because they are choosing not to come, so it was nice of you to appologize but you definitely didnt have to... I guess if it were me and i had said i was paying id be offended when they would cancell.. its like saying thanks but we just dont want to come...
  8. my husband asked my dad's permission to marry me before he popped the question.. of course he did it out of traditional formality and to pretty much please me in that dream of some tradition... of course if my dad said no for w.e reason .. he would have asked me anyway LOL! ..
  9. just shrug it off and get the set if u like it!!
  10. stag and doe is an event that people who are getting married put on so that they can raise funds for the wedding... sometimes they sell tickets to get into the event and then have games like 50/50 draw, poker, spoof games etc and then all of the proceeds that are made from that event are used towards the wedding.. a lot of canadians do it
  11. that thing you do : slap myslef in the head
  12. For me... i didnt have a stag and doe.. for various reasons.. and if you want to make money off of ur friends for your wedding then go for it... the party and having a great time with friends is awesome.. but the whole "raising funds" in my opinion is a bit like.. hey we need money, come celebrate and spend ur money and when we get back well... thanks but no AHR for our gratitude... I dont mean that in a rude way at all.. they are fun but im not a fan for that reason.. especially if u have an AHR later and dont invite them.. thats like a slap in the face
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