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  1. I got married a Dreams Tulum on May 29, 2010 http://s876.photobucket.com/albums/ab326/Lenell83/Wedding/?albumview=slideshow
  2. Hi Everyone, I just got married @ dreams tulum yesterday Saturday May 29...Everything was great!!!! i'll write my review soon
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by ddk5576 Yay!!! So exciting and crazy stressful!! We are right behind you on Sunday the 30th!! I am making my checklists for the final "little" things and then off to pack for our move to Canada just 3 days after our BIG day!! So girl...I feel ya with the still have alot to do!! Good Luck with the fitting! I am sure it will be wonderful! Thats Great, maybe i'll see you there...how many people do you guys have booked?
  4. My Big day is almost here..Im getting married May 29,2010 @ dreams Tulum...Im so excited YAY!!! I still have alot to do.. my final wedding dress fitting is this weekend. I hope everything works out!!!!!
  5. Do any one have a pic of the food from your wedding day? If so please post it. Thanks
  6. LeNell

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    Pictures : all smiles
  7. Honeymoon Registry - Wedding Website - LeNell Wilson and Tristan Pulley
  8. LeNell

    HOW FUN! Any girls from the South?

    I'm for New Orlenas but live in ATL
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by ddk5576 LaNell: "Im getting married May 29,2010 @ six PM I will be more than happy to do this" That is great! I sent an email to jmb0902 about the potential to buy some things from her,when she is done with them (wedding date: Nov. 28th, 2009). She lives about an hour and 15 min. from me so I could easily go pick up the items she is willing to part with. Just like her, I too liked Starlitk's set up with the paper lanterns (light green, white, aqua), and chair sashes (aqua), so I am hoping to get the hand me downs and we can share the costs, or work out something! I will shoot you an email when I get more information from JoAnn! Congrats! I look forward to meeting you Memorial Day weekend 2010! Whoop whoop! Please feel free to email me any questions or concerns you come across (hoping that we don't have any issues).....but if we do, we can work together too resolve them! I got your back if you have mine! ;-) TTYS! Ummmmmmmm, how does this works, my wedding is @ 6p.m. pm the same day. I'm having my wedding on the beach.. Are you having a beach front wedding also?/
  10. Quick question, When we get married do we have to post a review?? Because I dont see any reviews from dreams tulum... from Aug-Oct. 09
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by ddk5576 I was wondering who the other brides are for Memorial Day weekend?!! I would love to get together and possibly share costs on items that we may be able to share?!! Assuming the colors, etc..work...Please let me know who is doing what as far as bringing items, so we can work together! My colors are, robins egg blue, coral (persimmon/watermelon) & sage green! Thanks ladies!! Wedding: May 30th, 2010 5pm!! Dreams Tulum of course!! ;-D Im getting married May 29,2010 @ six PM I will be more than happy to do this