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  1. First of all let me congradulate you!! August 8th!!! OMG that's just around the corner!!!! Well i'm not completely ready.. i haven't bought my shoes.. or my lingerie for my wedding gown. I'm having difficult buying a bra because my dress has a super low back. I"m wearing Maggie Sottero Reese. But other then that.. I'm sooo ready!!! How about your self?
  2. I was dumb.. i emailed her..I know.. i should have spoken to her face to face but i've been so busy.. I told her it did bother me that she wasn't going to be there and it broke my heart. She's my only sister and I thought we were really close. But i felt so aweful telling her because my mom later told me my sister was crying her eyes out because she was sad!! So i quickly called to apologize! Yes I did tell them we bought insurance on the tickets =( I mean.. i know times are rough.. the whole country is in recession! But when tickets are handed to you.. air/ and hotel/ and extra $
  3. Nope.. no baby on the way.. they have three kids! And it's definately not that because my sis MIL said she would take care of kids while they went to my wedding. =(
  4. I'm not trying not to make a big deal about it.. because i don't want to be a bridezilla or anything.. I know times are rough.. and it's really slow at his work.. but come on.. it was all paid for and a ALL INCLUSIVE!!! Thank God my fiance was smart enough to buy insurance with their tickets!! I tried talking to my sister but my brother inlaw is soo prideful and stupid in my book! I've been there for my sister .. through thick and thin.. even though i don't like her husband.. I just have to suck it up... There's nothing i can do.. My fiance even told them.. if it's money they're worried
  5. Well i'm a little sad this afternoon. It's offical my sister won't be going to my wedding. My fiance bought my sister and my brother-inlaw there tickets for airplane and hotel (all-inclusive). And my brother-inlaw just called to cancel.. WHY I DON'T GET IT!!!! i'm not the bridzilla type at all. I'm just really bumbed out and venting right now!
  6. everyone needs it: happiness
  7. I just wanted to see if there are any August 2009 brides! I can't believe August is almost here!! Is anyone else having trouble sleeping
  8. Is anyone else having trouble sleeping?? I've never had to take a sleeping pill in my life!! I can't sleep!! All i'm thinking about is the wedding, details... details.. details... I can't believe August is almost here!! I get married August
  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! My wedding is in August too!!!
  10. Hi Ladies, Is anyone getting married at Royal Cancun in the gazebo?
  11. Hi Ladies, Destination wedding Royal in Cancun end of August 2009.. only two months away!!
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