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  1. i must add to this! i ordered from bittersweet back in April. sent her my deposit and come to find out the day i was suppose to recieve the flowers - they never arrived. i called and called her telling her she was so iresponsible for taking my order and not giving me what i paid for. her excuse - she was just diagnosed with diabetes and was really depressed. the order just slipped her mind. i felt bad but still wanted my money back. its october and i still have not recieved my money. i called my credit card company and they have agreed to reimburse me the money and dispute the charge with her. thankfully!!
  2. I totally agree with you ladies but it's a Leo a bit frustrating and upsetting when everytime I present my mom with a new idea she always has something negative to say! I'm just going to have to get over it. I know that everything are doing is in our best interest. It's the only way we will be able to move forward....we have make some sacrifices!
  3. So my MIL called me earlier today to tell me that one of her clients offered a bedroom set for my FI and I - for free. my MIL owns an upscale upholstery store in NY and her clients usually throw away great things! she told me to check it out and if we don't like it we don't have to take it. I said sure, no problem, we'll look at it. i told my mom just a few minutes ago that tomorrow we were going to check out this bedroom set. She asked me if it was used and I said yes. I went to the bathroom to shower and my mom literally made me open the door and tried to have a conversation with me while I was in the shower!!! she told me i should not accept a used bedroom set because it is bad luck for a marriage especially when you are just starting out! I'm just so aggravated with my mom! i mean I just lost my job, my FI is also looking for a job, the economy is in shambles and you're freaking worried about us buying a brand new bedroom set?!?!? i mean seriously, there are more important things to worry about! because of everything that is going on, we decided we are going to stay in his mom's basement until we get ourselves together. trust me i DO NOT want to do that; but right now we have no choice! we decided on a DW so we can use the $ we would've spent on a wedding here to buy our own apt. but now, that's not even going to happen! so i figured if we like this bedroom set, why not? One less thing to worry about...right? I feel like my mom is so not being reasonable. all she is worried about is me having the same caliber of a life as my sister does (my sister got married last year and she is my father's daughter who my mom adopted. she has a good job and a great apartment). but she is forgetting all the bumps and struggles my FI and I have been through to get to where we are right now. why can't she see that things are hard right and we just can't get everything we would like yet! am i overreacting? is she right?
  4. o right...i completely forgot about the music! we will definitely have a spanish palylist - especially since our wedding is in jamaica. i did the month before brochures in spanish and english too. we are also having padrinos, but they are doubling up as maid of honor and best man. my mom does want to wear a pink dress since i'm getting married, but my color is coral and she'll like a bridesmaid if she does. unfortunately we cannont have the ceemony in Spanish becasue it is in jamaica, but i am trying to think of other ways to incorporate our culture.
  5. Hi Ladies, I was just curious to know if there are any Hispanic/Latina brides on this forum. Or is your DH or FI a Latino/Hispanic? I thought it would be fun to know how your incorporating your Hispanic/Latino roots in your wedding. I'm from the Dominican Republic and my FI is Peruvian. So far, all we have in mind to do is having a Spanish ceremony reading read by his cousin and the reception will be for the most part in Spanish. I'd love to hear what you ladies are doing!
  6. omg....your planning thread is AMAZING!!!! and your wedding was amazing! your BD book is so beautiful and your table numbers....hilarious! i'm sur eyour giuests really enjoyed that and every single other detail for the wedding!
  7. i like the bling of #1, but i do agree that 32 matches best. what does your dress look like?
  8. haha, i have this conversation with my FI all the time. he also gave me my ring on the night of my birthday and I told him that because of that i get to keep it. But he was actually "smart' about the whole thing...he gave me a pair of yellow stud earrings as the "gift" and then proposed. so i guess i did not luck out!
  9. As many of you may know already...i will be getting laid off from my job in a few weeks. I haven't been feeling too bad, thanks to the support of my family friends and even my co-workers. i decided to call out sick today and take the day to do wedding stuff and apply for jobs. i'm so proud of myself! i barely got anything done for the wedding, but i did do massive job search and applied to couple of places!! here's hoping to getting a call back!!!
  10. wowsa! that is HOT!!! yeah girl...it's ready to go to print! i wish i had the money and time to do this for my FI.
  11. thank you ladies. i posted this thread about a week ago and i have to say that today was not a good day. i broke down and cried - really bad (still am)! i really want to stay positive, but it's so hard! not only do i not have a job, but my FI is also looking for one too. with everything that i still have to do for the wedding and dealing with my families' booking for the wedding i just seriously cannot find the time to apply. i have applied to a couple of places, but obviously that is not enough. i'm just so scared that come the day i get called into HR i still wont know what's going to happen and my FI still wont have a job. i don't even know where we're going to live or if we can afford to rent a place. i'm so upset over this whole situation. i wish things were different and i wish that i just knew everything will be okay. if there is one thing i have realized in all of this, it has brought us closer together and has made us stronger. i know there is no one else in the world i want to be with! i love him soooo much! unfortunately our financial situation is in shambles right now
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