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Hello from a New Bride to Be!!

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Hi All,

I am Kris and my FH is Joel. We live in Seattle, WA. I am a brand new bride to be. In fact I am heading to the jeweler tomorrow to have my ring sized. I can't believe that at 35 I am so happy I feel like squealing like a teenager.


We are looking at a destination wedding for a number of reasons:

  • I have a gigantic family. My sister got married last June and when they were making the guest list my dad's family alone was over 90 people (that's aunts, uncles, and cousins).
  • Also I am a Navy brat and grew up in Hawaii and Ventura, CA. So I am a serious water sports person. I SCUBA, surf, outrigger, etc. I guess I always assumed I would get married barefoot in the sand. I've never thought otherwise.
  • Budget...we are trying to keep costs low. I just opened my own business it will take me a while to make back all the opening costs. So I need to keep to the budget!

Right now I am leaning towards Puerto Vallarta, but Cabo is looking good as well. I think we want to stick to the Pacific as our family is all on the West Coast. I've also done allot of SCUBA all around the Caribbean and would like to go somewhere I've never been. However I love Jamaica and have been there 3 times...so if I can work that into the budget...it might be a location as well.


As for date...could be Jan '09 at the earliest, but April might be a possibility.


Cheers for now,


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Welcome. You'll find all you need here. This is an amazing site. If you don't find it just ask. EVERYONE seems to drop whatever they are doing to help. It is almost like we are in a different world because the people are so friendly and kind.

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