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#1601 jk1101

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    Posted 12 July 2010 - 03:31 PM

    Originally Posted by **Kat**
    I confess that I really could care less about my job. I wish I could quit.
    I'm right there with you sister~I'd quit mine in a heartbeat!

    Originally Posted by Mrs Price 2010
    This thread is great!

    Confession 1 - I have done nothing at work for the past 30mins but read a load of these confessions!!

    Confession 2 - Family!!!!!
    My sister isn't coming to my wedding first her excuse was that they can't afford it - so we offered to contribute, our parents offered to contribute and my grandmother offered to pay the whole thing. Then it was because she didn't want to take her 14 month old little girl on a 9-10hr flight - because she think it's harmful!! WTF - It would be banned if it was! It's obvious her husband doesn't want to go - if it was his sister they'd be there!!! I hate him!!!
    She now wants to come to my dress fitting and I really don't want her there!!! If she doesn't want to come to my wedding then I don't want her to have anything to do with it!!!

    In laws - where do I start FBIL is a %&*£!!!!!! He's caused so much stress between me and FI - sending me nasty text messages, completely ignoring me at family parties. He's jealous because his brother has an adult serious relationship and he can never hold a relationship down and my gosh is he spoilt. He's 25 years old yet his family treat him like a 16yr old and every time he acts a %&*£ their excuse is because of his age!! He effing 25!!! He's never going to grown up and take responsibility for his actions!!
    FMIL - It's her fault that he is like this!! I entirely blame her and want to tell her that FBIL name is banned from being mentioned in Mexico!!!

    Whoooo that feels so good to get that off my chest!!
    My sister didn't come to my wedding. She said she couldn't afford it so my parents offered to pay for her. Her husband told my parents that she couldn't go without him (nice, right) even though he goes away without her all the time. She turned it into "I don't want to travel without my husband" even though there were several of our friends who came without their spouses.

    then she got mad when I went dress shopping without her.

    About 3 months before the wedding, my parents offered to pay for her and her husband to come to the wedding and my DH and I said NO. They have had money for the things they've wanted to have money for - a new dog, another new dog, a new fence....it was obvious they didn't see our wedding as important and i didn't think they deserved a trip as a gift for "the sake of the family". And I'll be honest with you, I didn't miss her at all the whole time we were there.

    When it all first happened I was very sad - crushed even - but I got over it - I didn't want someone at our wedding who obviously didn't want to be there.

    So I totally agree with you not wanting her to be a part of your dress fitting or anything else - my sister has been a total brat since i met my DH - no clue why - I've spoken to her 1 time in 5 months - she has basically cut ties with her entire family in favor of her husband and his family. She didn't call my parents for Mothers Day or Fathers Day or for their birthdays. What she will learn, sadly, is that Karma is a bitch, and her little girl is learning that you don't need to respect your parents....and will do the same to her.

    I guess that turned into my own little vent....

    #1602 MysTea

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      Posted 12 July 2010 - 03:39 PM

      Ok..well my confession is that I had Large Iced coffee and Sugar bowtie from Dunkin Donuts for lunch....SOOOOOOO Not on my "Loose 15 pounds before wedding diet" but hey...it was delish...

      Confession # 2.. I have had that same lunch for the past 3 days....
      **Dreams Palm Beach HERE WE COME!!! 11.01.2010**

      #1603 **Kat**

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        Posted 12 July 2010 - 03:58 PM

        My cousin (who is pretty much my sister since we grew up together) didnt come to my wedding either! She waited and waited and waited to tell me until I just had to come out and ASK her if she is going. Only for her to tell me that she can't because she is moving to another state THE WEEKEND AFTER MY WEDDING to be with a guy she met 6 months before and has only seen like 3 actual times!

        Soooooooooooooo not only did she NOT go because of this.. but she took a road trip with my aunt (who also didnt go) to Disneyland before heading to Texas.


        #1604 bsf&jpg

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          Posted 12 July 2010 - 04:02 PM

          Originally Posted by MysTea
          Ok..well my confession is that I had Large Iced coffee and Sugar bowtie from Dunkin Donuts for lunch....SOOOOOOO Not on my "Loose 15 pounds before wedding diet" but hey...it was delish...

          Confession # 2.. I have had that same lunch for the past 3 days....
          no bueno.
          not good.

          try to cut back to once a week. maybe on a friday as a good job treat.
          even if its not to lose weight, but that can't be healthy by any means.
          Or find a piece of candy that tastes similar to help you cut back.

          #1605 *tinkertoy*

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            Posted 12 July 2010 - 04:03 PM

            Confession: I HATE the way Future MIL treats FI. It makes me real sad and it also makes me really dislike her.

            #1606 Mrsstivers

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              Posted 12 July 2010 - 04:42 PM

              Confession #1 - I can get around Facebook, Myspace and Twitter with my eyes closed, but this forum completely baffles me!

              Confession #2 - It really hurts my feelings that my parents have not offered a dime towards my wedding and aren't attending. You'd think since they aren't going they would have at least offered to pay for my dress, but no.

              Confession #3 - I am secretly hoping that my ILs will offer to pay for something. They had originally said that they would pay for the rehearsal dinner but now we aren't having a rehearsal dinner. So you say "yes, but now they have to pay for air and hotel!" Well that is true, but my MIL and BM talked me into the DW. I'm not complaining but I would never had done it without their pushing me.

              Confession #4 - My FSIL drives me up the wall. She is all about herself. An attention whore. She is 36, divorced and has two boys. My future IL's practically raise her kids. They have them all the time. MY future SIL is a nurse and when I told her the big news and asked if her boys could be in my wedding her response was not "Congratulations! We'd be honored!" No, not at all. Her response was "Are you paying for it?"

              She is dating this totally weirdo that she met online. He looks like Herman Munster and he is soooo weird! She just got engaged and broadcast it everywhere and called everyone all excited, which would be fine. But she doesn't even have a ring, it's in lay away. Personally, I think I would have waited til the ring was on my finger. But what really bugs me is that she had a HUGE wedding the first time, paid for 100% by my future ILs. And now she is planning another HUGE wedding, and I feel confident that mommy and daddy will pay this time too. I hope not. She talks about her ex husband 24/7 and is so obsessed with doing things to ruin the relationship between her kids and their dad, it's unfortunate. She puts herself and her need for revenge above her kids all the time.

              Confession #4 - I hate hate hate hate hate the fact that my future ILs treat their real grandkids so much better than my daughter. My daughter is the only little girl and we live in the same subdivision as my future ILs but they rarely see her. They have the other grandkids 3-4 times a week. They see my daughter approximately once a month. We invite them over 3-4 times a month and they never accept our invitations. We have lived 2 streets over since last August and they have been to our house 3 times.

              The Future Mrs. Stivers

              #1607 Mrs Price 2010

              Mrs Price 2010
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                Posted 13 July 2010 - 06:08 AM

                Thanks Jesery Kitten and Kat!! Made me feel better for my rant, knowing that others that this is happening to are feeling the same way as me!
                I first I was very upset that my Sister wasn't going to be there, but now I'm like - Screw you! If I'm not important enough for you to attend my wedding then why should I care!

                #1608 BachataBride

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                  Posted 13 July 2010 - 07:55 AM

                  Originally Posted by **Kat**
                  I confess that I really could care less about my job. I wish I could quit.
                  Ditto...I just want to get KTFU already so I can get 12mths off for maternity!!!

                  #1609 *Linds*

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                    Posted 13 July 2010 - 09:14 AM

                    Oh manders! I love you momma! I cannot wait for you to get KTFU!!!!!

                    Confession: DH and I are totally sucking in the sex dept. since we got back from our weddingmoon! UGH!!!!!!!!!!
                    Loving married life! <3

                    #1610 BachataBride

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                      Posted 13 July 2010 - 10:03 AM

                      Linds - you guys have been so busy!! It's not surprising! And (talking from experience) it seems that once you get out of your "groove" it's tough to get back into it! It will come back though! Just hang in there! (Or maybe you should both get drunk! lol)

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