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    Breaking the news about the DW

    What a great idea! The cake looks amazing!! Our families always knew we'd be having a DW, so wasn't too much of a surprise! Plus we only wanted to invite a select few, so would feel a bit bad announcing it in such a big way and getting all involved and then only inviting a few!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by michelle2011 As for shoes i am wearing heels, high heels. We're not having a beach wedding (will just take em off for the beach photos).. i love heels and can't imagine getting married in flats.. although i also love my flat sandals.. so i will just wear the same ones for our AHR... Me to - love heals! Can't imagine get married in flats! Not getting married on the beach either - I have got a pretty pair of flats if I need them as the night goes on!
  3. Mrs Price 2010

    Loving my fiance more and more each day...

    Aww that's lovely! It's always good to take a step back from the stress and look at the bigger picture. Every time I do that it's the best feeling in the world... I'm actually going to be marrying the man of my dreams, my best friend, my rock! And totally agree that often it feels like it's both of you against the world, as long as you've got each other, then nothing else matters! If you can get through wedding planning stress you can get through anything!! Lol!
  4. Mrs Price 2010

    Just Go Away!

    Quote: Originally Posted by mnh1983 I think maybe during my conversation yesterday with her, she finally "got it." She emailed me this morning and said that she is sure that whatever I plan will be beautiful and left it at that. We'll see how long this lasts. It sounds like it may have finally sunk in! Fingers crossed it'll stay this way for you! If not, like some of the other girls said, just put a big smile on your face, thank her for her idea/opinion and forget it!!!! In one ear out the other! I thought I was going to have issues with my FMIL, she is very opinionated and not scared to say whats on her mind - which isn't all bad, but can be upsetting!! However she's been the complete opposite - not expressing an interest at all! She's booked to come and got her outfit, but thats about it! Not asked any questions or offered any ideas! Now I'm feeling like she doesn't care.... suppose she can't win eh!
  5. Mrs Price 2010

    London Eye proposal

    That's so romantic! The London eye is great, such a nice setting! Have never heard of them stopping it before - your FI must have great contacts! Good luck on your move to the UK after your wedding - don't forget to pack your thermals and raincoat! I'm sat in my office watching the pouring rain - It's July, it's supposed to be summer!! You'll soon get used to it and will never go any where without an umbrella! Good luck!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by YrishCathe I'm getting married on a SUnday! 10-10-10to be exact. But I'm having a religious Catholic ceremony and we're doing a private beach club for a reception and not a resort. Ohhh I really wanted 10-10-10 as well, but was also told that they do not carry out weddings on a Sunday! 10-05-10 doesn't really have the same ring!
  7. Mrs Price 2010

    am i being unreasonable?

    Whooo looks like this thread blew up yesterday! I loved reading it all - think it's great that ladies who have already been married are still on here to give us B2B advice, makes you see it from a whole different perspective and you realise there is life after your wedding! Personally I'd love if someone got engaged during the week after our wedding, takes the attention away from us and then we can easily sneak off for some Man and Wife time!! Lol! My FI proposed when we were away on vacation and my sister was due to give birth any day (we booked before she fell preggers!) Well he waited until she had given birth and proposed on the next day - as to not take any thunder away from my sister - although giving birth and proposing is on completely different levels! Suppose what I'm trying to say, blokes can be more sensitive to these things that what you think! Either way I'm sure you'll have a wonderful wedding day and vacation with your family!
  8. Mrs Price 2010


    Quote: Originally Posted by Melaina I confess that I knew when my hubby was going to pop the question. I'll take that one to the grave with me... he thought he was verrry sneaky! Me to!! We were on Vacation (Look I sound like an american!! Lol!) and just knew he was up to something! I had a feeling he'd do it whilst we were away, it was just a case of finding out which day! He booked a romantic meal at the start of the week, so knew it would be then. He was giggling and smiling all day, but to this day he still thinks it was a complete surprise!
  9. From what I can make out it's kind of like arranging your visa before you even get there. It's pretty quick and easy to do - planning on take ours in to our TA over the weekend so should find out more then! Will post more info after! WoodsLou - if you get time can you just let me know what documents you are taking with you. I think I have most of them ready, but just want to check? Thanks
  10. Mrs Price 2010

    To Facebook or not to Facebook...

    We got engaged in Turkey and was dying to tell everyone but we agreed to wait and tell our family face to face, so the day we got back we spent going around all our close family and friends filling them in. Once we did this I put it on Facebook! Lots of cousins and extended family on there who were fine with finding out like that!
  11. Mrs Price 2010

    AHR Invitation Wording

    I struggled with this also, mainly because we are having our AHR 3 days after we return, so have to send the invites out before we go and before we are married. Just incase anyone else is doing the same our wording is..... Tom and Emily are making their dream come true and are getting married in Playacar Mexico on 5th October 2010. Together with their parents they request the company of ........... to help them celebrate their marriage.
  12. Mrs Price 2010

    At Home Reception Question...

    We land back from Mexico on the Wednesday and are having our AHR on the Saturday!!! I've seen some people on here not having there's up to 12 months after! It all depends on you and how you want to play it. Personally I wanted to keep it close together, but if your schedules do not allow you to do this then go with what suits you.
  13. Oh the $50 dollar departure tax - forgot about that! Last time I went the were strict about that too, had to be in dollars not peso's and a fifty dollar note!! Might be worth putting it to one side as soon as you get there!! Although I'm thinking of not paying it and letting them keep me there forever!! Oh does every know that you have to kind of pre book your passports for visa's before you get to the airport. Your TA can do it for you online. It's only a new thing and we weren't aware of it until some of our guests were told the other month when booking! We had to do it for ready for Las Vegas, but not sure if that covers us for Mexico as well!
  14. Mrs Price 2010

    I know people aren't made of money

    I love that someone else is experiencing complaints from uninvited guests!! I had someone say to me just the other day, "Oh I was looking at prices for holidays in Mexico the other day, really expensive isn't it, not sure if I could afford it - even if it was for your wedding!" GOOD BECAUSE YOUR NOT INVITED!!!
  15. I'd check with your tour operator regarding weight! I'm going with Thomsons and they give you extra for your wedding attire and because my hotels classed as 'Platinum' they give you extra as well!! My bloke keeps telling me that I'm got no excuse to be over..... hmmm still might happen!! Great idea regarding the six pence - I've already got one and it's kind of been in the family for ages, the women pass it on to the next bride to be and so on. Would offer to share it also, but think my Mum would hit the roof!! Can't believe how many UK brides there are!