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    New St. Thomas Bride

    Hey Jessica! I am getting married in St Thomas too. We are actually flying and staying on the island for 8 days though- kinda wish we had taken the cruise option! LOL But its gonna be great either way. Do you have a WC yet? I have everything book so if you want to know what I am doing or what info I found out on other vendors PM me and I would be happy to share!
  2. I hadn't even though of it... but its a good idea for a thread. Geesh now you've got me thinking. My dress is heavy & hot enough on its own. But I am too busty to not wear something confining. IDK...
  3. Mrsstivers

    What's making you happy today?

    I can never make the poofy crown work on me, I just look stupid! I am happy today because my daughter spent the night with her dad and I got to sleep in!! She has a cast on and can't walk so its a big relief to get a break from carriyng her around. Geesh, that sounds bad doesn't it?
  4. I should also say that 8 outta 10 turn out great! I would just be scared to death that I would be one of those two who turned out terribly.
  5. Ladies I managed an optometric practice for 7 years and was a certified paraoptometric. Personally I would never have lasik done. Once you get older, 40+ you will still need reading assistance and contacts are not an option after lasik. So again you are stuck with glasses. If you currently have trouble wearing contacts and are stuck in glasses anyhow, then maybe lasik isn't such a bad idea. However I have seen very bad results and people with a lifetime of damage. Extremely dry eyes, inability to read due to halos, etc. I actually knew a college professor that had it done and it impacted her job greatly because the results were so horrible. She had to start getting all her curriculum on audio. If you do do it, I wish you the best. But please do it in the US, regardless of what country you are from. US doctors are a bit more modern and up to date on medical techniques. And follow up regularly with an OD, I strongly recommend someone from a private practice.
  6. Mrsstivers

    Pops in your head

    Most of the time.... overwhelmed
  7. Mrsstivers

    ~~Like or Dislike~~

    Dislike!!! Asparagus
  8. Mrsstivers

    A wedding with 1 attendant for each side?

    Okay thanks!! I just don't want to look odd, but then again no one will be there to see! LOL
  9. Found my dress on my first trip out looking! Love the fact that my daughters dress matches. This pic is with a brown sash but I think we are gonna use tangerine instead. Weddingdress.jpg picture by momma2taylor - Photobucket
  10. How badly do you want her there? We are totally struggling, maxing out credit cards to pay for the wedding. But we offered to pay for my best friend when she said she couldn't afford it. It was so important to me to have her there I didn't care what it cost me. Ultimately she declined to let us pay but I would have done anything to have her there. So thats what you have to ask yourself.
  11. Okay, I am lost as how to go about this... my fiance and I each have one attendant (A week ago we had none, but some friends changed their minds. Yippee!) So I wonder do I have the attendants stand at the "altar" from the very beginning? I feel like it would look goofy to have them walk down the aisle since they are the only ones. Another question, do I play music as I walk? There will only be 2 guests there watching! And lastly my invitations are going out next week. I know who told me that they would try and then didn't end up booking... what has your experience been? I am hoping these people will book at the last moment.
  12. Mrsstivers

    For Sale- Pretty Much Everything!

    Okay I made a photo bucket account so you all could see pictures without emailing me! Pictures by momma2taylor - Photobucket
  13. Mrsstivers

    For Sale- Pretty Much Everything!

    Sorry girls, I only get on the forum a couple times a week and still haven't mastered it yet! If you sent me a regular email address I did email you. If you did send me a email address to respond to and did not get a response please email me again at momma2taylor@yahoo.com
  14. Mrsstivers

    Worst gift ever..

    Construction orange, crocheted pot holders. I am pretty sure she got them at a yard sale. LOL
  15. Mrsstivers