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  1. Ahollo and Brandee- We have at least one guest staying off site and also were quoted the $95 for a day pass. I was under the impression that it included everything that a resort-stayer got- drinks, food, non motorized sports, etc. I'll have to ask. I also think Ana said that we would have to pay the additional fee for the Cocktail hour and Reception for him. I'll send her an email and ask and let you all know. I also got the prices for my flowers and will include in another post in a second. 25 days!!! EEK!
  2. awesome, thanks! I'll hold off on ordering them from Amazon.
  3. Do you have the David's Bridal number so I could get full pics? How tall are you (how much was the dress hemmed)?
  4. I just bought the clear vertical name badge holders to use with VP business cards. $6 for 12 from Office Depot. Now trying to find the loops.
  5. I need at least 30, anyone have leftovers? PM me! Thanks!
  6. Nikki- I sent Ana some pictures of what I was thinking- all white orchids with pink throats. Then I saw Allison's flowers and am now thinking I'm going to copy her! All that said, I've not heard back from Ana on the cost and if the orchids will be available in Dec.
  7. These are wonderful! Am I a dum dum or is there a way to edit this pdf? I would love to use the palm tree! Thanks!
  8. Thanks AlliCattn- I sent you a pm cause I'd love to see your pics I'm starting to think we will not have the formal rehersal and maybe just all converge on the Lobster Pot at a certain time for the "welcome dinner" and see what happens. It really chaps my hide to pay $25/person for food at an AI resort, you know? And we keep going back and forth about the music. Part of me is thinking just pay for the DJ and be done with it but then I don't know if it's cost effective for <30 people....aagh! Someone asked above about bouquets- Ana told me to send her pics I liked and that the only constraint is they have to have access to those flowers in Mexico. I found a gorgeous all orchid pic on the knot and I need to send it to her to see if they can do it. I'm sure they can but am wondering what it's going to cost me. EEK! Anyway, can you all tell I'm getting a little paniced? It's coming so fast!
  9. Hi Ladies- Well we got the invites out. Right now we are trying to decide on three big things and I'd love to hear what you all did/ are doing. 1. DJ or iPod? We are expecting 25-30 people so I'm not sure the $950 for DJ will be worth it. I've read where people just bring their iPod and rent the speakers but Ana quoted us $450 for the speakers. Doesn't that seem high? We are considering just buying and bringing an iPod docking station with us but are unsure if it will be loud enough. Any advice?? 2. Rehersal- did you do one? Thoughts? 3. Rehersal dinner- Ana and I are having a language issue in getting prices on this. Did you all have a private rehersal dinner? Just show up at the resturant? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!
  10. Hi Ladies! It's been a while and we are down to about 60 days until we leave for the VIM! I need to finalize the centerpieces and flowers and mail invites this week! EEKKK where has all the time gone??'' How are you all doing with planning?
  11. not me anymore (thankfully) : in the dating scene
  12. Don't watch : the new Sherlock Holmes Movie
  13. Nikki- I think they are both good photogs, from what I've read. Â We are going to go with Blue Lens as I've heard they are good as well and are included in our package! Â Happy planning!
  14. Just to answer some questions- Â With the middle package the mic comes with the package for the ceremony but not cocktail hour or reception. That's I think $450 extra!! Â I think you can write your own ceremony, especially if it's symbolic because the legal one needs certain words to make it legal. Â We are debating the DJ ($800) but will only have 30 people max so I'm thinking that will be strange- maybe those that want can go to the disco later? Â Hope this helps!
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