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Dreams Punta Cana Brides

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I also read all the pages to this thread. lots of information to be sucked in and if there is something you missed there's always someone reminding you of it love this thread it's been a life saver

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OMG Nat, has time flown by that fast??? I've been on here since last year in May and saw all your posts when you were planning! Can't wait for my big day November 5, 2011  =)

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Hey ladies, I can't believe how fast time is flying by. I am now only 16 days away from my wedding at Dreams Punta Cana!!!! I am so glad that I found this website, as I feel that thanks to everyone's great questions and sharing I am more prepared than I probably ever would have been if I hadn't come across this site.

Thanks to everyone for all of their helpful posts, templates and rants :) - I'll be sure to return the favour with a review.


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Oh, I just wanted to share with some of you brides that were wondering about renting empty glassware from the resort - in case you were worried about travelling with vases.

So I just heard back from my WC and she has shared with me some pictures of some round bowl shaped vases that I can use for my centrepieces. They are available to rent for $15 per vase. I bit steep I know, but I only need 5 and its worth it to me, to not have to worry about them all breaking in my luggage - at least for me anyway. Oh well, I guess there goes the $79 I saved because they decided to wave the fee for an outside photographer!

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Wow... lots has been going on since I was last on here! Congratulations to all the upcoming brides! You will have the best time at Dreams!! Time definitely flys by quickly, I can't believe it's already been 2 1/2 months since our wedding.

Originally Posted by ksugirl View Post

I had a question on the billing as well.  Did you get a bill for the whole wedding after the ceremony or did they charge you the package price first and then the add ons later?  I'm asking because my travel agent called today and said they charged my wedding package to my trip already. It seems like it would be easier to just wait until all the add ons are figured in and then just pay one time.  Thanks for your help!


As for the video streaming, we will be purchasing a daily pass for the wi-fi and skyping the wedding.  I'll let you know how it works out.



We got the bill for the whole wedding minus our deposit while we were getting ready in our room for the ceremony. We then had a day or so to look it over for any discrepancies and bring it to Carolina after we signed it. We didn't have to pay it until we checked out from what I remember.



Originally Posted by ska2m View Post

Were you able to use a credit card for this balance owed?


We paid ours with a credit card as well.  


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Hi ladies,I don't know if any of you are having trouble finding groomsmen attire, but I went shoppingt over the weekend and I managed to find Fi's outfit at Le chateau, linen pants and matching vest which cost $180. I didn't want to spend $100 each for pants for my 5 groomsmen, so I shopped around and found some nice linen pants at Old Navy for 39.50. They didnt have all my sizes in store so I bought it online, and found that on the american site they were only 19.50$! so I got my 5 pants for just about $100. If anyone is interested the style number is 814-861. You may have to make the purchase over the phone if you are using a canadian shipping and billing address. I did also see that there was an online coupon for Tuesdays 10% off, but I'm impatient and wanted to order them now lol.. here is a picture of the old navy pants.. oldnavy.jpg

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Hello girls

my day is fast approaching and I have to tell you all of you have been such a great support to me

I tell everyone about this amazing site.....

Im getting married on May 25,2011.

I still havent finished my welcome brochures, last thing i have to do.....other than buying my wedding jewellry.

I need some help from past brides who visited Dreams.

I want to put a list of extentions for the resort in my brochure for example, spa, front desk, room service etc.

Do any of you either have an idea of a list of different areas of the resort that you think i can include in this list

and or the extentions?? i dont expect any one to have the extentions but if you can give me an idea of what

areas to include in this list that would be very helpful.

so far i have


front desk


room service


ala carte reservation

dr's office (i dont even know if they have one of these on the resort)



Thanks girls


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