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  1. Hi Janine, We were supposed to have our reception on the Himitsu Terrace but it rained so we had it indoors. Not sure what the room was called but it was a private room for just us and our guests so it was nice!
  2. Wedding Review! Hi Brides, We just got back from our Dreams Wedding on Sunday and I can honestly say it was truly a dream! We went with 35 guests+ 1 baby (5 months). Here is my review.. Arrival- We arrived on a Saturday. On arrival, we were greeted with tropical drinks. Once we told them we were upgraded to preferred club they took our luggage and ushered us away to the club. Once we were in the club, check-in was smooth sailing for us. I wish I could say the same for all my guests. Some of my guests didn’t get checked in and into their rooms for 2 hours. They weren’t able to find
  3. Hi Pfeiffla! I'm getting married on November 16th! When do you guys arrive? Also, how did your make your spa appointments? Do you have the email address? I'm worried because I haven't made appointments yet......
  4. Hi guys. so my FI bought these pants and vest from Le Chateau a bit small. We paid 180$ for them, I am selling both for 120$ shipping included OBO. Pants are a size 38, and Vest is an XL. Msg me on here or send me an email: rejackso@ucalgary.ca
  5. Welcome Amber!! I just wanted to share with you what we are doing for our ceremony.. we went through the same thoughts, and eventually decided to have a small church wedding at home.. We really wanted to get married in a church.. so we are doing just the ceremony and a small reception at my In-Laws place.. That way anybody who can't make it to Punta Cana still feels like a part of the wedding. I'm not wearing my real wedding dress.. I just got a simple white dress for $200 from Davids bridal.. Then we will just do the Symbolic ceremony in Punta Cana. Another reason we did this is that we rea
  6. Well I figure I don't really need the personal dressing assistant as I will have my maids to help with that.. My friend is a hair dresser so she will do my hair, my sister is doing my makeup.. I am not using the resort photographer or the carribean trio.. My father in law will be video taping.. and all those other little extras I don't care about! So Im just going with the wedding in paradise, gold dinner for 36, adding on the cake & sparkling wine for my guests.. adding the gazebo decor.. and I end up saving close to $1500 actually since I'm not planning on doing the cocktail hour.. I may
  7. Hi amu.. No they dont discount you anything on the ultimate package.. I was going with that aswell but because they dont discount you anything for having your own photographer, I decided to go with the complimentary package and just add everything on that we want/need. I calculated that I actually save about 1000$ doing this!! Also question for everyone- did anyone else get the $200/room credit and do you know what this can be applied to?
  8. Does anyone else think its kinda crazy to pay for cocktail hour when were staying at an all- inclusive? I think we may skip the cocktail hour and have everyone just go to the same bar or something.. Or do you think this will make us look cheap??.. I was just thinking ppl might rather have the choice to do what they want aswell..
  9. Does anyone know how many guests sit at each table? We are at Himitsu Terrace and will have 30-40 guests. Also I am getting married in November and was wondering what time is best for the reception. We have 2 pm booked, but do you think it would be better to have a later ceremony, say around 4 or 5? I heard from my photographer that the sun goes down pretty early so that's my only concern..........
  10. Here is the style I would like.. Can anyone give tips on how to achieve this look>
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