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  1. What a great idea! All your ideas so far have been so different, I love them! These are super cute and I like the little poem on the back!
  2. I love them!! I went with Vanessa and Dave's template as well! I'm going to attempt to do them myself and hopefully they come out as beautiful as yours!
  3. Congratulations! I hope all your planning goes well! I also love the DIY Passports! They're so cute! I've been to Mr. Sanchos and it is beautiful!
  4. I found this website from another bride on here who put some sunglasses in her OOT bags. http://www.sunrayzzimports.com/ I haven't looked at all of them because they have so many so I'm not sure if they have neon ones but the prices are pretty good!
  5. I know what you mean! It's usual for the weddings in my family to last 6-8 hours so a wedding cruise reception for them will feel rushed if they are not sailing with us. But nevertheless I really want one as well! I have only been on 4 cruises but I am so in love with the experience.
  6. Your dress looks amazing! And it fits you so well; you look so beautiful in it! Congratulations on your wedding!! It sounds like it was perfect and you didn't have to break the bank with your wedding party attire!
  7. I forgot to mention it also depends on whether you want your wedding on embarkation day (the day the ship is set to sail) or at one of the ports during the cruise. If you choose one of the ports, I've heard of brides not going through the cruise line and using the resort planner or other destination wedding planner. I think Royal Caribbean and maybe another cruise line give the option to get married at sea (on a sea day), but it's more expensive than the other packages. As for the packages Carnival offers, I think it depends on what you want. Most of them (if not all) include up to 20 guests in their packages so you would not have to pay for extra people. I have heard that the luncheon is more of a sit down meal with the family and the deluxe package has more of the dancing and music with guests being able to eat your choice of different hot and cold hors d'oeuvres during the reception. Ok now I'm done! I hope I answered at least one of your questions!
  8. Hi LueseeWin! I personally don't have experience going a cruise wedding but am planning on one in the future. There isn't that much information on cruise weddings but I have read reviews on other bride's experiences! Have you looked on the cruise critic website? There is a section called "Honeymoons and Wedding Cruises" where there are a few recent reviews and information. Here is a link to a recent review from a Carnival cruise leaving Galveston, TX: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1806249 Hope this helps!
  9. This is so beautiful! The thank you books look amazing! This is a great idea and will be keeping it in mind! I just have to make sure I have a picture of every guest as well!
  10. Everything looks so cute! I love the logo! And great idea to include information with the immodium-type medication!
  11. I love EVERYTHING! The tanks are so cute! And I love the personalized quilted makeup bags! And all of these were iron on? Did they come already made or did you iron on each letter?
  12. All the pictures look amazing! And you look so beautiful in the Rock the Dress photos!
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