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  1. Just an update for you....we got our cups at Dollarama....the printable stickers did not work. We ended up going to a sign shop that does decals for cars and got them done there. They even put the stickers on the cups. Worked out amazingly! And, it only cost us $35 for 30 stickers.
  2. I'm not at 150 posts yet...but I did manage to get a large sized file from the resort, so we have a nice big one we're including in our welcome package as well!
  3. Thanks ladies! After scouring this site, I found Caribbean Emotions - has 100% positive feedback. I emailed the guy and 10 minutes later got a response. He phoned us last night to talk about packages, and we're booking him tonight! I seriously lucked out!
  4. Hey Gals, Sooo...in university I was KNOWN as a procrastinator. Well, the procrastinator in me is at it again. I am in need of help and I turn to you!! My wedding is in TWO WEEKS!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! LOL We're getting married at Melia Caribe Tropical - so excited! Not so excited about the photography and packages. I like more of a natural 'caught you in the moment' candid style pictures...which Arrecife does not really execute all that well. I fell in love with Photo Souvenir - but they are unavailable. They recommended Blue Lagoon Studio...and I do like their photos.
  5. Oh, and the stickers are printed on a clear plastic adhesive sticker...so they are completely see-through and waterproof. I don't know that you can buy this stuff somewhere and print yourself..I doubt it. Its the same kind of stickers that they put stickers or pin striping on a car with....so very heavy duty. Definitely NOT going to come off.
  6. Thanks so much ladies! I'm really happy with them. After being so disappointed with the DIY stickers that we printed ourselves - this is a great solution! Soooo we just used a place in Barrie, Ontario - Fast Signs...just a local shop. We got 22 cups done for us and they gave us the 8 extra stickers that were printed out. We didn't actually tell them a size - apparently they just used the size of the picture I sent them. LOL My FI told them to use their judgement - stickers are 3" x 3". I'd say they are a perfect size! I used Powerpoint to create the logo myself - obviously using
  7. They're done!! They look awesome! For $25 you can't go wrong! We didn't even have to put the stickers on! One less thing we have to do! It's not so DIY but our original plan didn't work so well... So , if you want to do these, get the cups from your local dollarama and take them to a local sign/graphics company and see what they would charge - you'd be surprised!
  8. We are flying with sunwing on April 9th - we automatically got upgraded!
  9. We sure did! It's made out of 1/2 inch plywood and we made a stand to go with it. I found a picture online...but I never saw it at party city, I guess they have different things in the Canada store. It was fun to make!
  10. They DO!?? We made this!! LOL Definitely didn't see it at party city...otherwise, I would have bought it instead of spending hours making it.
  11. Here's a picture of the picture cut-out we had! I love it!!! Not sure I want to sell it at all...maybe I won't.
  12. Actually, no...I posted them on kijiji - the chances of finding someone in my area on here is slim...and there is some really big items that would not ship very well....for instance, the 4'x6' plywood picture cut out. LOL
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