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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Leslie Sell Hi there, I`m getting married there next year and if you would`t mind telling me ,how much did the backs cost you in total? Thanks Leslie We choose the grill package it was $65 per person, so we paid $1,820. Grill package is beef and chicken kabobs with salad and french fries the bar includes Rum, presidente and soft drinks and juices 3 hours on the boat. We did not have any add ons. The centerpieces were separate from Caribbean Celebrations at $50 a piece with 18% tax for a total of $236. I think they mistakenly booked a DJ as we were not ch
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by un4gitabl I'm struggling to find individual servings of Pepto for an affordable price. Anyone have any suggestions? I purchased Pepto Tablets in a box all were individually wrapped in a clear wrapper so I just broke up the boxes among the bag everyone will know what it is when the see they see the pink tablets.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jaj1230 Many people have advised us not to ship down anything (decorations, welcome bags supplies) and to just travel with it. My question is this: does anyone know if they need receipts or if there is a limit on how much we can spend. I just wanna know what/if there are limitations. We were married in Punta Cana February 2013, we had two large Rubbermaid bins that we traveled with as well as 3 suitcases. They opened the bins and looked briefly they ask what the items were for and we told them wedding decorations. They did not ask for receipts and we were o
  4. We used just parasols, we did not brings them with us. the resort provided for I think $12 which is far better than the $55 + for BM Bouquets
  5. No we were not given music options. We had the guitar trio they hardly played any music on processional and recessional and they played for the guests before the wedding started.
  6. I have not heard much abou the KuKua Beach Club. But I had my reception on La Barcaza and it was amzing plus they provide the transportation from your resort as a part of the package price no add on. They were able to pick my wedding party up on the beach at the resort we stayed at, Melia Caribe Tropical. But I think with most other resorts the send a bus to the resort that takes them to the Jellyfish for pick-up.
  7. I get how this can be frustrating. I picked my younger sister as my maid of honor and I orgainzed everything and paid for many things as well. She is only 19 and could not afford much and she had never stood in a wedding before. How many Bridesmaids do you have? Have the other bridesmaids helpped with anything? Maybe you can have 2 MHs ? or ask her to just be a bridesmaid since she has alot on her plate right now?
  8. I agree I like without the applique. What about adding a bling sash to accentuate your waist line?
  9. Here is another quote I recieved for my trash the dress session Up to 4 hours of Unlimited photography Multiple wardrobe changes (if desired) Up to 4 different locations (in the Old San Juan area) Image Editing DVD of High Quality Images (3) 8x10 Prints Cost: $475 If you want to add or remove anything, we're open to any ideas! A deposit for 50% of the total is due at contract signing. The remainder is to be paid on the day of event. Thanks again! Monique Bolduc 21 Studios Photographer
  10. Update on my search incase any other brides are looking for the same info. $295 Trash the Dress Photo Package: • One and a half Hours of Photography coverage • Unlimited exposures and locations • Digital enhancements, retouching, precise density correction • All digital images on DVD or uploaded via FTP site • Copyright release/printing rights • Online gallery; for viewing, sharing & ordering prints Puerto Rico Weddings f i n e a r t w e d d i n g p h o t o g r a p h y www.puertoricoweddings.weebly.com puertoricoweddi
  11. I was Married at the Melia Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana it seemed to be very family friendly they have an adventure park on the grounds with rock climbing walls and zip-line, they also had flinstones themed area for younger childern. We had ages 14-19 they all enjoyed the resort.
  12. none of my pictures had a watermark on them
  13. We did not stay at the Paradisus but did notice that they had walkways to and from the Melia to the Paradisus, I think Paradisus guests can access the Melia but Melia Guests can not access the Paradisus.
  14. I am planning a one year anniversary trip and I wanted to do a Trash the Dress session in San Juan. I am having problems finding information on Photographers in the area. Ladies do you have any suggestions??? Thanks in advance for your help.
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