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  1. All i All I have to say is Vanessa Martinez vanessam@centreholidays.com I want to kiss whomever recommended her on here but she is a GODSENT! Works to get you what you want and fast response!!!
  2. I like it without!! you should be the only thing that shines
  3. We are going with Sweet Fire Photography. She is from Canada living in Mexico and im excited. She responds right away and can budget. She also helps out pets in need with a foundation all in all a great lady!!! Just look her up and watch her videohttp://www.sweetfirephotography.com/
  4. Any Canadian wanting to do this on thier own please follow this step!!!! I have tried to go to Michael's and to Walmart and no luck so go to my link for Jennifer. Yes she is in the US BUT she had made it so it could fit first class for 5.95!! and she is the cheapest i have found on any website! http://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/BurtonLeatherCo?section_id=10522787 Then i went to Walmart for $3.50 tanks! Less than $10.00 a shirt
  5. Thank you so much for recommending the dj. We have switch our budget from centerpieces to DJ!! And you were right he is detailed!! Fast response!! I cant wait now
  6. Our wedding is November 22! At The Maya, and we are having it out by the shopping center for the reception. I emailed Yuri and i still have a couple more weeks until i get a WC. I also to am now going to use DJ Doremixx!!
  7. It all depends on how much you want to spend on gifts but i did small Tiffany necklaces for 125 each.
  8. Thank you Jessica!! I cant wait now!! You are right about centerpieces i just get caught up in the wow but we are on a budget. Are you bringing any decor from home with you? When did the WC get a hold of you?
  9. Has anyone recently found Iron ons from Michael's? Where in the store are they? Or any websites that ship to Canada and cheap?
  10. We decided on the shopping Center. We found it was cheaper than a private restaurant. But im curious on centerpieces as well.
  11. You are absolutely a Godsent!!! Oh and so beautiful!!! Thank you so much for all the details!!
  12. Im just after you We are getting married November 22, 2013. We also have 40 people going.
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