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  1. I like the way the colors look together! And the boarding passes came out really pretty!
  2. The beige does look much better! Everything looks so good! Hard work pays off!
  3. Everything looks so nice!
  4. What a great idea! All your ideas so far have been so different, I love them! These are super cute and I like the little poem on the back!
  5. I like the way they came out! The starfish goes really well with it too!
  6. I love them!! I went with Vanessa and Dave's template as well! I'm going to attempt to do them myself and hopefully they come out as beautiful as yours!
  7. They came out awesome! I really want to do this, they look so cute!
  8. lyna89

    New Cruise Bride - April 2014

    Congratulations! I hope all your planning goes well! I also love the DIY Passports! They're so cute! I've been to Mr. Sanchos and it is beautiful!
  9. I found this website from another bride on here who put some sunglasses in her OOT bags. http://www.sunrayzzimports.com/ I haven't looked at all of them because they have so many so I'm not sure if they have neon ones but the prices are pretty good!