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  1. thank you so much! There was plenty of room for dancing about 20-25 of us . And I purchased a picture frame that was actually the cut out of our last name and everyone sign that! You may be able to see it in the photos!
  2. I originally ordered it online but it wasn't enough and it was expensive...ended up going to michaels and getting big containers of it ...also ya never enough while your doing the sand ceremony and it meshes together on the flight back, we ended up dumping it out and re doing it at home!
  3. This was from our trash the dress done by adventure photos Our cake, and the set up, the didn't put our topper on Not sure if these will load as non attachments, but trying to load some photos from our wedding back in November done by our photographer gonzalo nunez!
  4. our cups we had made for our guests side view of set up carival terrace, our sweetheart table was in between cake table (I didn't ask for those vases she just set them up) We used adventure photos for our ttd Here's a few of the ones we picked
  5. I definitely will, it may be a few weeks as I don't have va regular computer right now!
  6. We just got our video yesterday from adventure photos and I have to say it was quite good!! I can't believe it only took just under 3 weeks!
  7. I started to purchase when I knew roughly how many were coming and purchased a few extra of everything I bought just incase! About 4-5 months
  8. We just got back on the 17th and we didn't see any of this. I think anywhere you go there may be some issues here and there but I'm sure if there was mold they could switch your room. The two things we saw were the cups being thrown in a big bucket and not truly washed at the pool bars and the yellowish stains in the Jacuzzis which is caused by the water ehich comes out a bit yellow (think its well water)
  9. Thanks ladies!! I posted some pics in the now jade wedding thread, I asked my photographer to take some pics of the set ups but I won't have those till January I haven't come across any others yet
  10. I had a future bride email me a bunch of really good questions so I figured these may be helpful for any other future brides as well!! I just had a few questions i hope you can answer. I am getting married at now jade in may 2014. I have the pergola at 5, mix bar at 6, then reception at the terrace. Im not sure yet how many people we will have and i am worried about the terrace. How did you feel about the space? The space worked really well for us, we had 24 guests including us, it may start to get crowded around 3o depending on how you do your tables did the dj introduce you and your husband and then you just started your first dance or how did this work? Was there an "entrance song" or they just called you in and you started the first dance? Yes he announced all the bridal party by names and played their entrance song then announced us and played our entrance song and from there he played our first dance, father daughter dance and mother son dance I am so bad with remembering names of songs/artists im thinking about just telling the dj the genre of music we want to hear and hoping he will just play good music.. do you think this will work out? This could work out, however I'd say go through your ipod with your fiance and pick songs from there that you like, that's what we did.... Also Google all the special types of songs, we used alot of black Eyed peas, rhianna, Katy Perry, lady Gaga, that kind of stuff What wasyour wedding song if you dont mind me asking? Al Green, let's stay together Was there enough room for dancing? plenty, it just gets hot! I also hired gonzalo nunez as my photographer for the wedding day and trash the dress. How was it working with him?? I absolutely loved him, he's very professional and has great ideas but also will cater to trying to get photos you want as well. I wish we could have did a trash the dress with him and I'm thinking if we go to Mexico for our anniversary I'll hire him again for a ttd Did you do welcome bags? Yes, I'll post a picture, below If so, where did you buy the bags from and the stuff to put in them and also when did you hand them out to your guests? I got lucky with my bags they matched my colors and I got them from a store called 5 below. We put tumbler cups (we had these made, strongly recommend doing this, they were a hit) sun block, aloe, pepto tabs, Tylenol, a deck of cards, tissues, and antibacterial wipes. We greeted our guests as they arrived, I'd recommend spending the price per bag to be delivered to the rooms http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/content/type/61/id/227358/width/350/height/700[/img] Did you bring a lot of stuff with you or use the resort for most decor? I brought all my decor, we had a separate suitcase for decorations and oot bags. What type of decor did you have? We had the lanterns chair sashes, table runners, sand dollars (seating cards) cake topper, sand ceremony, guest frame Do you think its necessary to decorate the pergola or aisle for the pergola? I think the chair sashes make a huge difference and use the medallions with the divine package, they really make it look pretty. Were you able to stay under 10K that depends, what are we including in this, stay, flight, wedding, dress, rings, etc? Lol  Â
  11. We put down 25% and did it through PayPal to make sure it was secure!
  12. We used them for our wedding last week. I was very happy with them as they played all the songs we put on our dj form. They announced everyone well and didn't stray from the music we wanted them to play.
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