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  1. Are any of you ladies bringing down your centerpieces & if so what are you guys thinking of doing? & anyone just going to choose what they provide?
  2. What is every ones opinion on sending out Save The Dates for an AHR or just sending out an invitation 4-5 months beforehand?
  3. Hope everything is working out for you ladies. I'm still not there yet, almost 5 months left to go & I don't have the slightest idea who will be there by my side. My friend has done everything possible to get her way to Mexico, but some how I still have a gut renching feeling she will flake out. *sigh*
  4. Very Beautiful Matt, I love those photos!!! Trying my hand at planning, little behind!!
  5. Just saw this Elissa. Everything looks so fantastic!!! I love everything! I seriously wish I could be on top of things more like you! =D
  6. Loving the gold! Love the photos Matt!! Thanks for all the ideas everyone!
  7. Those of you with bridesmaids with coral dresses, what are you doing for shoes? colors?
  8. Thanks for the inspiration Lindsay. I'm starting to rethink the coral & gray. I'm leaning more towards classic white & coral, love the different shades of coral idea!
  9. Dancing of course! The limbo! haha. You can run with it, i've been at a wedding where they had a sign that said "if dancings not your thing grab a buddy & play a game!" They had like card games & such.
  10. I know I have to keep telling myself, it will be spectacular wether my girls are there or not. I just wish they'd be standing by my side!
  11. It feels good to know I'm not alone either. I asked all 4 girls to be in my wedding and if it would be a problem with them. They all graciously agreed, and even pushed me toward having a DW. As time starting going on, one by one they all faded. Sillafeliz said it best. I can't expect them to put their life on hold & i know they had every intention of wanting to go, but please don't string me along. My best friend said she wouldn't miss it for the world, didn't matter the cost, & she finally backed out on me. Now I'm down to 1 bridesmaid and she put her deposit down already.. but I get this funny feeling when it comes time to pay up she won't have the money & i'm stuck with none. I love these girls dearly, and I assume they love me but c'mon after all the while we've been friends? You can't be up front & honest?
  12. I'm glad I came across the thread. I was worried about people judging on that too. You know what though, I said the hell with that. I'm doing what I want & celebrating how I choose. If people think its tacky, plain & simple don't come!
  13. I would just have the AHR Rsvp's in before you leave. a month in a half won't make much of a difference & you'd have no problem calling the stragglers
  14. Beautiful inspiration ladies! I'm the hunt for a TTD! I think my ceremony/reception dress will be just too heavy!
  15. Thanks for the tutorial, these are lovely!! Now I'm on my way to attempt these!
  16. My fiance will be wearing a nice pair of flipflops. He hates flipflops but he will do it for me. haha <3
  17. I'm a little confused on all this foundation stuff. I usually just put on a powder foundation and I'm done with it. So whats the steps? Primer, foundation, powder?
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