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  1. Hi Iron Man! We had two 6-year olds & one 9-year boy in our wedding. I found the two 6-year olds' Izod matching pants & vest in a set from Carsons (Bon-Ton/Bergner's/Boston Store/Younkers, etc.). Their outfits came in a complete set of pants/vest/shirt/tie, but we replaced the ties to coordinate with the rest of the wedding party. We chose black & it was easy to match. For the 9-year old, I found pants & a vest (set) at jcpenney.com. We purchased the white shirt & tie separately. Izod, Nautica and Steve Harvey make adorable boys' vest sets. You can Google "boys vest s
  2. Hi Jencakes21! We purchased an additional hour for a 4-hour reception. We had a small group of 15 people, but our group likes to dance...so even at 4 hours, it felt like it ended too soon We also had the DJ, and they keep the energy going, so that is probably a contributing factor, as well. Afterwards, a group of us changed & hung out for the rest of the night because we were having so much fun. Now, my SIL had a bit of a smaller group (11 ppl) at her wedding & used an iPod & did the 3-hours. She seemed fine with that. Why don't you ask the resort if you can decide that evening w
  3. Hi Melissa14! My husband wore a tux for our wedding @ Dreams Cancun. We got married at the Gazebo but had our Reception on the beach. I was concerned he was going to melt wearing all that clothing, but he was certain that he wanted to wear a tux at his wedding. The temp was between 82 & 86 degrees, but in that location, there is a constant strong breeze. I was also concerned that a tux might look out-of-place in our wedding photos on the beach & by the water...but I was mistaken. Looking back at the photos now, I couldn't imagine him wearing anything other than the tux. And, if I'm 100
  4. God bless the two of you! You are an amazing girl! I wish you both many, many blessings and the most perfect "happily ever after"!!!!!
  5. Congratulations, Karen! I got married at Dreams on May 11, 2012 It was a very special day! We may go back for our anniversary and perhaps we can see your wedding, too. BEST WISHES!!! --Michelle
  6. Oh, LoveKiss....as a May 11 Dreams Cancun Bride, I wish you the best wedding EVER!!!!! Enjoy your special day and please let us know how it went I'll be thinking about you on Saturday. I just know it will be beautiful!!!! -Michelle
  7. Oh, Jana...thanks so much for your input! You were such a beautiful bride! I'm so, so happy for you! I can feel your joy over the internet! -Michelle
  8. Wow, Jana! You look beautiful and so happy! And, I gotta agree about the flowers - A-MA-ZING!!! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your Big Day! I see you wore a veil...did you have any problems with it? I want to wear a veil, too, and see that many don't because it's so windy... Also, did you girls have to wait until you got to Dreams to pick out your flowers? I was hoping to see my options before I got there so I had a little time to decide. We're getting married May 11 and I haven't seen anything yet. I gotta say, I love all you Dream(s) Girls! -Michelle
  9. Just checking back to see if there are any fuchsia brides that have 20 fuchsia chair sashes that they would be willing to pass along. I tried to order from a company and they were out of my color until after my wedding I leave on May 8. Thanks so much, ladies! -Michelle
  10. Did anyone have their Reception on Caribe Beach? If so, what was your experience? Did it work out OK or was it too windy, etc.? Haven't heard much about Caribe Beach and am getting worried now.... Thanks so much! You ladies are the BEST!!! -Michelle
  11. I agree with Briannarae...the rooms are not "luxurious", and I personally do think they could use a little updating...but are absolutely clean and comfortable with amazing views. We did a site visit last fall and stayed at Dreams, The Royal, Beach Palace and I must say, the bed at Dreams was the most comfortable and the room we stayed in had an unobstructed view of the sea (due to the hotel's unique location). We loved that. From my limited experience, the other hotels had views of the hotel pool and the beach and sea beyond that (if that makes sense). Anyway...hope this helps along with the o
  12. Hi Sharon!! How kind of you to respond. Can you believe it...we are LEAVING on May 8th. Awww shucks! Thanks so much, tho. So...this Fuchsia Bride is still looking for 30 sashes....
  13. Hello, ladies! I am another one of the fuchsia brides If anyone has 30 sashes in fuchsia for my May 11, 2012 wedding, I'd be forever grateful! Thanks so much! -Michelle
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