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  1. Hi Kim, I have an inquiry for both the bags and books right now. I'll let u know if they are still available tomorrow!
  2. Hello! My wedding is over and i have some Misc items that Id like to sell off. Buyer Pays shipping.Will update my post as items are sold. the linen/sash color is the same as Dessy's Pantone turquoise. check out your local bridal salon to see this color from their swatch book. Us shipping only, payment through paypal:) Thanks for looking! Check back as i might add some things as I find them (9)Spanish For Dummies-$9 for all (13)Daily Spanish for Dummies-$13 for all (30) Teal/turquoise Satin Sashes- $20 for all (10 are new in the package and 20 are used.) (4) Teal/Turquoise table cloths/Overlays- $20 for all (I believe they are 85X85) (1) Ring Bearer Nautilus Shell- $15 (9) OOT bag/totes-Very Cute!- $4each or $25 for all, Would Prefer to sell all together (4) Decorative nets, used as table runners. 5 foot X 10 foot- $9 each or $30 for all (1) Birdcage/Fascinator Hair piece w/rhinestones- $10
  3. Thank you! Those two pics are just guest photos, the one of me with the mariachi band is a resort photog photo. I don't have many yet cause the resort photog did our cocktail hour so they are mostly guest photos. The flower ones should be nice. We had one for our head table and it was large. After our reception we moved to the sugar reef bar for a bit, they have live salsa singers and a small dancing area, and then we went into the Himitsu "club". They clear out the tables from the waiting area and its a little dance club. The music is technoy but they do take requests I believe. I never saw any beach party like past brides have talked about since the disco was closed. The salsa music is cool I'm just not a huge salsa dancer lol so I didn't really fit in.
  4. you can see the size of the bowls in this picture.they shells on the outside are the ones i provided and they were intended for much larger bowls. overall the setting is pretty tho. this picture is what my centerpeices would have looked like with my bowls. maybe you can see the size comparision in relation to the piece of coral to the bowl
  5. As far as the veil, mine was really small and a birdcage so I'm not so shocked it went missing. She prob thought it was trash! Just keep an eye on what you leave hanging out and about. I didn't mean to disappoint any brides by my review, I am happy with how my day went just felt like things could have gone different. The cocktail hour was cool, we had the ultimate package so we had the mariachi band, but honestly it wasn't anything to write home about, no biggie if you don't have the cocktail hour. If you have the band then ya the cocktail hour is cool cuz at least guests have entertainment. The food is ok, it's just hit or miss really. The stuff that's gross is REALLY gross. I'm not super picky myself, so I didn't care, I never went hungry. We hadn't planned on attending our cocktail hour, but our pics only took like 20-30 mins(my sin was screaming for mom and dad) so we ended up hanging out there. The center pieces we got were cool, but I brought all of my own shells and coral, thy just provided the bowls cuz mine had broke. They were SMALL. For 15$ a piece. I had bought my large square bowls for 10$ a piece so it seemed pretty silly. As far as your menus, just think about what I said about the wind. I even had hand raffia fans and programs, but Landy stuck them into the chair sashes cause they would have blown away. I now know a 5 pm wedding on the beach doesn't need fans. Maybe there is a little something you could get for your menus to help weigh them down. I could have said something about my menus, but by the time I made it to the reception, all of the guests were standing right next to it, so it would have looked and seemed silly for her to run around and put them out at that point. I'll post some pics of my reception shortly:)
  6. Just posted it:) it may take some time for it to be viewable if it gets reviewed by moderation. If there is anything I can help with let me know. Everyone was so helpful to me before my wedding so I would love to return the favor to you future dreams tulum brides! Ill be adding pics as well
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