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  1. We booked our flights last night. They were the cheapest I've seen them so I jumped on the ball. I'm still waiting to here back from Wendy about our hotel. I'm getting more excited, but more stressed at the same time. MIL is one unhappy camper I've come to realize she's just never going to be happy with what we've chosen. Makes me pretty upset, but everyone else in our lives seems to be happy & we are happy. Thats all that matters right? Also a few of our guests backed out, saying we picked a top rated hotel and saying they were shocked about the price. Oh well. We are the first to book & I hope everyone will follow suit I'm taking my mom tomorrow to look at wedding dresses, hopefully I walk out with one. I think i already know, but she hasn't seen it yet! So it's becoming more real by the minuet. I emailed nancy about ceremony types, because I want a sand ceremony, and unsure whether they do those or not? If anyone knows let me know Hope everyone is doing happy planning
  2. I think those pictures from del sol of them dancing on the beach at cocktail hour has me sold. That is awesomet hat you two are salsa dancers, that is so fun
  3. Did you guys just contact nancy out of the blue or did someone let you know that nancy was your coordinator?
  4. Hey girls I was wondering which room everyone booked the basic or the jacuzzi suite and why?
  5. WOW! I adore everything about this. You did such a wonderful job!
  6. You guys are a major help in reducing most of it. I like that I can count on you ladies through this process!!! But you're also right it's all about the experience of planning & it'll all fall together in the end!
  7. So Paola (sales) got back to me, and she confirmed what you guys were telling me. She said I am supposed to let her know, but also said "However, it will be better to modify this in your wedding booking one month prior your wedding as you will have final numbers." Best Regards, Paola So thats an official relief! But i'm still slacking on booking. haha. I'm going to find out nothings left! I know I could reduce my stress that much more by booking. My fiance just keeps twirling around, messing with my head on things though! His mom is being a pain too, not trusting in the travel agent. I have heard nothing but good reviews about Wendy though, so i'm not about to let her change my mind! Everyone around here seems so calm, I need to follow suit! =D
  8. Thanks for answering my questions girls. You are keeping me grounded! ha. Elissa I love those cups, everything you have is coming together & looking so good!!! I so wish I had one of those christmas tree shops around us!
  9. Thanks for your help guys, I truly appreciate it. I'm just so stressed, and I know I don't need to be, but life's just making it that way! ha. Also I was wondering, does anyone know how many weddings they do a day? If so, how do they accomadate everyone's receptions?? Curious!
  10. When do I figure out who will be my wedding coordinator? Do I have to wait the 2 months prior to my wedding to find that out? If I have any changes, who should I be contacting? The sales executive? I'm so lost right now!
  11. Soo I think i'm going to have a lot more people than I orginally planned, I put down 20, but I can see that getting closer to 40. Do you think the resort would have any issue with this??
  12. Silly question, does anyone know what the chairs look like under the chair covers??
  13. Our is With Sandy toes & Salty Kisses We Bride & Groom together with our familes invite you to share in our wedding day
  14. Elissa - Thanks for answering my questions! I want to group book, but I don't think there I can get 10 rooms, which is at the bare minimum anyways, and Wendy says that incentives probably wouldn't be much for us. I Love your boarding passes! I'll have to post a pic of mine once I get at least one of 'em made. haha. I have to go out and by a fiskar! I'll be facebook requesting you as well. Girls feel free to add me as well on facebook. PM your names I'm looking into the chair sashes now! I need to get my show on the road!
  15. Hopefully we can get this thread up & moving. This site is so helpful, and I love being able to have people from the same resorts to plan with & ask questions & help! We are scheduled to get married April 17 2013. We were engaged on a random Tuesday so why not get married on a random Wednesday? We chose the gazebo at 4:00pm, it seems pretty & more private then the beach. We are hopeful to stay 7 nights, 4/13 - 4/20. We are in the process right now of trying to book RPRM. We are working with Wendy Hicks, TA from Wright travel. I feel like i'm constantly bogging her down. I am having a hard time deciding between group booking & individual booking. We only have the minimum of 10 rooms for group booking and everyone I know wants to stay different length of times. So i'm sure there will be no real incentives to group booking. I just need to stop and finalize everything but I just want it to fall right into place! Any advice? We just want the best deal as possible, but im stressing. I get different reviews about waiting versus not waiting. ha. *Side note Elissa when booking the wedding I know for the Room number confirmation we had to put TBD -- once it is determined how do we contact them and let them know our booking #? I feel like i'm slacking on planning, everyone seems so ahead of the game. I am trying to finish up my DIY boarding pass invitations. They are turning out cute, its just the process of getting them cut & sent out. Elissa how did you go about sending electronic save the dates? Maybe I should do that, then go ahead and send out the invites. We were just planning on having our close friends & family come, but now we are thinking about inviting everyone! Other than trying to figure out the invitation situation, I haven't got much done. I have all these things I want to get done but haven't stepped foot on. Elissa do you know the name of the ebay seller you got the chair sashes from? I'm looking into getting those soon. I also want to order insulated mugs for everyone, I think that is a clever idea I went with a couple of my bridesmaids to look at dresses, I found one I think i'm leaning towards. I want to lose weight before hand, so I don't know when to go and order that dress. I have alot of weight to lose, and am hopeful about it. but who knows? I picked out the girls dresses, now we just have to pick out outfits for the guys. I'm liking the stuff on cubavera.com so we might do something along those lines! We are probably going with a semi private dinner. We've picked the Royal package. I too have heard to many ups & downs about private vs semi private. What we can have and what we can't have. I wish it was sometimes just spelled out for us! lol. We are probably going to try & have a semi private dinner up on the chili's terrace I've seen that and it looked beautiful! I'm going to just try & bring down a portable ipod dock & ipod and see what happens from there! if worst comes to worst i'll take it down to the beach where we can dance on the sand! I want to have a cocktail hour by the beach (i've seen pictures of it, but have heard that they can't do that? so confusing) & I want to spring for the marachi band, but that might be too much $$ for us. That's all I've got so far, so we will see what happens as time goes on. My work schedule just changed and has me working 10x more then I have been, so that is the sucky part atm!
  16. Congrats Shay, how exciting!! I'm set for April 17, 2013. How is your planning coming along?
  17. Aw, I can't seem to find you. Says no one with your name exsists!
  18. Thanks Nic . Was also wondering if you had any other photos we could see? Thnx
  19. Thanks so much for the idea. I would have never thought about that It's very pretty together
  20. My ladies will be wearing David Bridals Coral Reef color dresses, but I for the life of me can not figure out how to match this in decorations & such. I do not want a coral over load, and of course I hate its complimentry color (aqua,teal, any shade of blue for that matter) Any ideas? I do not know what color flowers or what kind would go with the dresses or chair sashes for the ceremony, i'm lost I'd love help lol
  21. These look amazing, good job on them I almost got those pack of brads but I thought they might be too big, they turned out great on your invites though!
  22. Great choices ladies. I think we are leaning towards the IZ - somewhere over the rainbow as well. I just love the vibe of it. Our song is Plain White t's 1,2,3,4 but i'm just not sure if that has the beachy feel i'm looking for, but would love to incorparate it somewhere just don't know where!
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