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  1. thanks all! I've attached the template that i made. the first slide is the inside of the envelope. then i flip the page around and print slide 2 on the other side. Boarding Pass Envelope.ppt
  2. Gorgeous dress!!! You look beautiful!! Congrats and so happy it turned out well! Chung Mung from a fellow Vietnamese bride Sandy
  3. hi , I got a template off of one of the forums and played around it.. got free fonts from dafont.com and i googled punta cana pictures for the background.
  4. ty! I was on the fence too but I had to get the palm trees so I got them and they turned out great except for the martini glasses.
  5. HI! ty!!! I made 60 invitations and if I added all the hours that I worked on it them it would add up to about a full weekend. (I spreaded it out over a week) I made the ticket holders first because i wanted to decorate with glitter glue on the dots between the starfishs and shell. I will email you the template that I worked off of, just pm me your email addy. Quote: Originally Posted by l2koster Wow they look great!!! How long would you say it took you total? And how many did you have to make? Would you mind emailing me the template? I can PM you my email address.
  6. While I dreaded the process of cutting the tickets, rounding every corner, gluing the ticket holders, it was very rewarding in the end! I love how they turned out!!! I'll list the cost of items and where I got them 1. white cardstock at Walmart 150 sheets: $5.50 2. apple green cor'dinations cardstock at Joanne's : 20cents to 33cents a piece 3. brads at Michaels: 1.49 a pack of 24, it consists of 8 flamingos, 8 plalm trees, 8 martini drinks per pack . the martini ones didn't work right so I didn't use them. 4. beach envelopes at Office Max: 8.29 per pack of 50. 5. Fuchsia ribbon left from my making my STDs 6. Monogram stickers made from printing on avery labels (2"x4"), punching them out with 1"circle puncher, bought previously for the STDs 7. holds for the brads were made by my Fiance with his drilling tool. the one thing he could do to help lol. it was also nice that the drill can drill a large amount of cardstocks at a time. 8. Boarding pass templates: I used mainly Jaime's boarding pass template. I will post the link once bdw stops acting up on me. pictures: I designed three different backgrounds for the tickets. I couldn't pick one. My fiance liked them all too so I use them all. I had 6 tickets in one invitation so I just repeated the backgrounds. picture of stack invitation with brad: made 60 invitations: You can see the palm tree brads and you can also see some martini glass brad in the first row, they don't look nice because they stick out at the top. I used them to mark the ones that are not perfectly cut so that I could toss them out or use them last...lol I'm a OCD perfectionist... picture of DIY ticket holder: Finished invitation: picture of the envelopes:
  7. Thanks for you reply! I'm going to try on the dresses and see if my body suits the 2nd dress and if so will order from jasmines, and sell my first
  8. Hi Ladies, I've been reading this forum for almost a year now, our wedding isn't til sept 1st of this year. I wanted to order from jasmine's bridal. But we are both working out and dieting to get to close to our ideal weight and size. I was not going to try on dresses til I reach my goal but I was visiting my best friend this past weekend who also is looking for a bridal dress. we both have a tight budget. I heard about church street bridal which was a 3 hr drive from where she was at. designer sample dresses donated to them and they are priced range from 200-700. the money go towards domestic violence women. There was limited selection so I found a dress that looked nice, made me felt good about my body and has all the bling, beading i wanted but its was not what I envision myself wearing. Since they didn't have the style dress that I envision myselft, I didn't know what to do because sometimes what you want to wear will not look right on you. This dress was for 450 (a steal) and I know that I wasn't going to be in this neighbor ever so I bought it and now have buyer's remorse... if i do lose weight, this dress will need to be altered (it already needs to be hemmed) and some say alterations that includes manuevering around beading and crystals cost more. what if i end up like my "vision" dress but its going to go over my budget cause i do want beading and crystals on it? AHHHH... My friends tell me to give it a month and a half after finishing our 2nd cycle of p90x and try on dresses including the one I bought and see how things go... What do you guys think??? heres the dress i bought: and here's the dress i envision myself wearing (i would add more beading/crystal to the bodice because I'm all about bling ) :
  9. Ahhh lol Jessi, you're teasing the ones who gets that email and click for more mishaps!
  10. Omg congrats! The pics r beautiful!!! I can't wait to see n hear more about this beautiful day!