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  1. You're so welcome I will probably wait til mid July to see whats out there, hopefully I can get accuracy on flights & rooms. I intended on only having my immediate family & close friends come, but other realtives seem a bit interested so now i'm in the midst of making invitations for everyone! ahh, we will see how this falls together. haha.
  2. I haven't booked quite yet, do not know what I'm waiting for! ha. I have a fantasy that the prices will not be high the longer I wait. I'm probably dead wrong. I will probably end up using a travel agent (Wendy Hicks as well)
  3. So exciting!!!! You will have to keep us posted on your planning & what not! I emailed you the price list that I had!
  4. Thank you, I am in the midst of making my invitations and was looking for the perfect words! This thread helped alot! Keep 'em coming
  5. Hi Jess! How exciting, have you two already set a date? You could email the corrdinator for an extras price list or I could email you one if you'd like. Just let me know
  6. shes2013

    2nd last name

    Hi all Silly question, I was filling out my confirmation for RIU Palace Riviera Maya and it is asking for our last names & 2nd last names. I'm not sure how to fill this out, can anyone help me?
  7. This is list is so helpful. Puts my mind @ ease just a little more
  8. Thanks celestial. It made me feel better that you reassured me that without a reception my friends & family would not care, because I know they won't in the end. & we would just enjoy the night together whatever it brings. I guess it is a little hard getting over the traditional things, that I truly didn't want anyways. haha. I figured if I couldn't have my dances at the reception, i'll just take a portable ipod player, set it up at the beach & dance away
  9. celestial did you pay for a private reception, or she just set you up there? Also where did you end up doing your dancing?
  10. celestial did you pay for a private reception, or she just set you up there? Also where did you end up doing your dancing?
  11. Hi Ladies, My name is Emily and finally narrowed in on the decision to have a destination wedding. I would like a symoblic type wedding (as i planned to get married in IL first) sometime in April of 2013 I have been looking at the resorts, and have always loved the RIU's although never once been to mexico. However looking at photos and reading reviews I'm pretty certain I want my wedding at RPRM. I'm just the type to get all stressed out & what not, and do not even know where to begin. When looking at the RIU site I'm not able to book any rooms, so I'm not aware of the cost. So I don't want to begin picking out a date, if I don't know how much it'll set friends and family back. Does anyone know how far in advance you book rooms for the RIU's? or the cost of the resort? Also I heard through the grapevine that this resort does not really want you to have a cocktail hour nor, a reception if you are under 20 guests. However I really truly want to have something to celebrate afterwards for everyone who has come down to celebrate as well as have some special dances. Anyone been there with under 20 guests, how did everything go? or does anyone know a way around this? Anyother useful information? Thank you ladies for being here
  12. Hi all My name is Emily, and I'm really considering RPRM to be the number one choice on our destination wedding. Everyone's photos & reviews are just stunning. I just have no idea as where to begin, I'm not good at planning and get stressed out to quickly, ha. Lets hope once I confirm everything it'll die down just a little. I am planning on having a symbolic ceremony April of 2013. (Does anyone know if the religious ceremony is what they call the symbolic ceremony?) Also I can't get any quotes on the rooms yet, so I don't want to book a place that is way out of price for my family & friends that are coming, so I don't know when I should reserve my date. Also I got word that with under 20 people, I can't have a cocktail hour or reception, does anyone think I can find away around this? Because I'd really like to have some drinks & dancing with my friends and family afterwards that did travel all that way for us. Thanks ladies
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