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  1. So...here we go....with the help of Dreams Riviera, BDW, VistaPrint, Ebay, Dollar Tree, etc....Our little budget wedding that could....was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The pcit We arrived on July 1st Check In - Perfect A+ - we had the preferred club so we were whisked away from the lobby and taken to the preferred club room. Room - Perfect A++ - we had an ocean front room with an AMAZING VIEW... Sunrise.... The first night...11 of our guests were at the resort and we had dinner at Himitsu...the food was awesome...We loved our waiter, Antonio! July 2nd...was my honey's
  2. Oh....I almost forgot...Shoes.....How could I forgot the ladies shoes... I had a hard time finding turquoise sandals that were not too high...I am already 5'11 and I did not want to be too tall. Just when I had given up finding the turquoise sandals...reading a thread on here about shoes...I checked out VictoriaSecret.com...and Voila....i found them... For the ladies shoes...I was lucky to catch a BOGO sale at Payless Our shoes actually matched perfectly....we were going for the "Grecian Goddess" look........ Ok...where was I....oh..DIY... I am not much of a DIYer
  3. As many of the lovely brides (and grooms) have started out by saying "thank you to the talented creative people on this site".....I will say the same..Thank you for all the talented and creative people on this site. Wedding planning to me seemed like it was a chore (which is why we opted for a DW). You all have made the "tasks" of planning a DW a pleasure and a joy!!! I actually ..... kind of miss it... So...let me begin....short story short....Me and the now hubby...met online in March 2008. I knew from the first time I saw him that he would become my husband (no stalker....just a l
  4. Hey Katie!!! girl...we are going to have to do a double date or something!!!! We keep "running" into one another. Mike said you were probably on this site! YES!!!! your wedding was beautiful!!! I am a witness!!!! Jabahri and I are seriously talking about going back next year too! Take care hun!!!
  5. I just got back from my wedding in Mexico. We had a total of 9 bags (between my daughter, hubby and myself). Trust me...it was a breeze getting through customs. I began to panic about two days before reading the threads about having to have receipts.....it was not even neccessary. The customs agent did ask me to open one of the bags with the OOT items (it had the travel mugs & pepto & immodium). Once they saw my dress and I told them in spanish "Vamos A cacer (sp?)..."we are getting married)....They just let me through. Dont worry....just be prepared to open your bag. They are
  6. Thank you! I tipped the waitstaff mostly as they work very hard to make sure you are comfortable. We are contacting Gina to send her our tip. I could not catch up to her after our wedding. If you want to tip her, make sure you get to her immediately after the wedding (which is hard because you will be over the moon...). Just so you know...it seems that the wedding office is closed on Sundays....we tried to go by to see her the day we left and the office was closed. Tip as you feel it is warranted. Keep in mind, many of the things you will pay for will have a service fee attached to i
  7. Thank you so much. As far as the people in the background...I am not sure the photgrapher was trying to capture them but I think it adds to the "ambiance" of the pictures. I even asked Anel to get the people playing soccer in the photos.
  8. Thanks JulieJ84!! The weather was awesome. It even rained on our wedding day for 30 minutes and then the sun came out. It was 85 degrees the entire week....at home 100+. We may try to go back next year...or try Dreams Punta Cana....
  9. Hey...no problem. I agree....with a group of that many...it becomes frustrating waiting. As the "host" you feel obligated to keep everyone entertained and happy. I did not get anything for the coordinator. We wanted to tip her but could not catch up to her after the wedding. I saw her a few times but she was always in the midst of another wedding. I am going to contact her by email and ask for her direct address so that we can send her a tip & thank you. She did a great job, but honestly....you only see the coordinator for a short amount of time. I had my MOH's mom hold the envelo
  10. Rollerbride... Go to Himitsu before you pay for the dinner. 11 of us were able to be seated without paying for the reservation. It really depends on the time you go. The earlier the better. We ended up paying for our reception diner but did not pay for any other dinners. On Monday for my hubby's birthday, it was 18 of us.....we ate at Portofino....again we did not pay for the reservation. Althought he dinner was not private, most of us were seated together. Give it a try! Good Luck! JQ
  11. Thanks Kellykellz! I ordered these from Amol's.com. They were pretty inexpensive. After I ordered, I realized I could have gone with smaller maracas..... That is the thing about being a DW Bride....you shop and shop....
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