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  1. so glad you asked this questions! This helps alot, I will probably be doing the the thumb print thing!
  2. I'm loving the starfish theme. Great Ideas, now I just have to find away to incorporate mine!
  3. I am also doing coral with the bridemaid dresses from davids bridal. I am pairing it with grey & maybe some aqua
  4. I'm all over the board on songs. I like the iz "somewhere over the rainbow" & other songs I just don't know how they will all flow together
  5. I think I'm doing the coral & grey. I love the way they pair, might also throw some aqua in there
  6. How many posts do I have to do before I can open attachments. I'd love to see all the things you posted elissa but I just can't =( I think i'm what the call a not very good poster! haha.
  7. Jess I am probably going with the photographer they have on site. Adventure photos, i've seen some of their photos and they are really nice. I would like to go with something else, but they were just way out of my price range! Does anyone have a list of things they can or provide? I would love to see photos of things like cakes, flowers, ect.
  8. Not sure if a thread like this is out there but, Girls those who have done or are going to do their make up, I'd love to have you girls post pictures of your make up for that day, along with a list of what you used to make your self all that more beautiful! Let us know what worked for you, what didn't, what held up to the heat, even the water!
  9. After going over trying to plan an at home wedding, everything was just getting to me. I was inviting people that I really didn't care that were there or not, and the cost. 5 hours, 20,000$ +, people i don't even really know, ect. It just seemed like the perfect idea was to go & spend a whole week with the one i love & want to be with most with a few of our close friends & family. & partly I always dreamed of getting married under the sun
  10. Wow that is beautiful Shay, I love that idea. <3 I haven't planned a single thing. I don't think I realize that it is only 8 months away & there is still so much I'd like to do, but won't. I probably won't start planning til atleast 4 months out. ha & then go on an ordering binge!
  11. I know I wish everyone could just be up front and honest. Yes, my feelings may get hurt, but in the long run I would much rather know if you were truly going to be there or not. It would make my planning a hell of alot easier! That way I'd know how much of everything to get & or make! I want to start planning, but feel with this "no shows" I don't want to plan too much.
  12. I wish I had seen this earlier. I like knowing I'm not alone in how i'm feeling, although I'm at the point I'm starting to think I regret my decision to even have my DW. I'm booked. My parents & FI parents are all booked, and so is my MOH. So I can't change that now. I should be happy right? I am, don't get me wrong I appreciate all that & they are the ones that mean the most. However same thing as most of you, all my friends/bridal party was so excited, and we even asked - "We are thinking of a dw, we want to know if you think you can come?" - All responses, yes we can come we won't miss it for the world & some even said we guarentee we will be there!! I was talking with my bridesmaids at the point where i hadn't booked, and they said we are not booking until you book, so right after you do we will. I went home & booked. Guess what? That was 3 months ago, and they are still not booked. They have plenty of time, but slowly they are dwindling.. no longer being able to afford it, and i'm even worried my moh put her deposit in, but i have this gut wrenching feeling when it comes time to pay her full amount she will back out. It's just become so hard, that the ones I thought we could count on are just not. I know in the end I'll be happy with the decision & my FI but right now, Im just very distraught & feel like nothing is coming together.
  13. Does anyone have or know what the menu at chili's for the reception will be? & do we get a choice? I heard they serve salmon, mussles, ect for appetizers.. My fiance's father is allergic to shellfish & chicken. I just do not want this to be a concern!
  14. So great to have you Now you will be the first one going out of all of us 2013'ers. I unfortunetly can not help you in regards to anything about an outdoor reception. I too was under the assumption that there was no outdoor space to even have a reception. I would love to have one out there as well. I look forward to hearing the details, as I'm sure everyone does! Happy planning
  15. These are great!!! Wonderful Job 'em! Got all the essentials!
  16. No, I don't think the center pieces will take away from the beach/starfish theme. I think they will end up flowing nicely together, they actually have a beach feel to them. I love 'em. It'll work perfectly!
  17. Elissae Good luck on making those survival kits, can't wait to see 'em!! It must feel awesome to have that many people come out & see you get married, You will have such a blast. & I can't wait til you get back to share those pictures with us! Hopefully some good insight before I end up there MIL is back on board. She has her moments. She's kind of two faced I'd say. The other day we went to a family get together, and she was gloating about how she was so excited for us, and was showing the resort to everyone, and showing my potenial dress to everyone. Pissed me off a little actually. haha. but atleast that worry is over for now! We have set up a wedding website, that people keep asking for like 10 billion times. lol. Maybe I don't have good enough information on there, I'll tweak it. I know I have to realize that everyone will take their time to book, i'm just so anxious. Alot of us are so young, and don't have excellent jobs, so I have to learn to see it from their prospective. I know everything will work itself out, and its what makes us happy! I just wish April of next year was here already. Do you any of you guys want to share your wedding websites? mine is Mywedding.com/tannhauser any tips I'd love to have 'em!
  18. Those are stunning. I think it is such a wonderful idea to incorporate those! I think they will compliment your beachy/starfish theme very well! I say go for it!!
  19. Whats new ladies? Any progresses made? Anything exciting been happening? I bought my dress the other day. However, I'm so indecisive. I'm not sure I picked the right one, it was between two of them and I think I chose wrong. I am not able to return, only exchange, so I will probably find time to go back and play dress up again. I'm stressing over friends now. I though they would all be so excited to book, but everyone wants to play the "waiting" game. I know they have plenty time to book, I just don't want any of them to not come. Thats the main reason we stuck with our plan destination wedding. We asked all our friends how they felt about it, and everyone was on board. I know I need to give them time, I'm just one impatient person. I contacted Nancy, and she said usually she starts answering questions around the 4-5 months mark before weddings. She answered a few of my questions that I had though. I wanted to know about the sand ceremony, and she said that it was doable, so i'm excited for that. <3
  20. LOVE LOVE Your wedding, I saw it featured, absolutley gorgeous!!
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