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  1. Our trip ended up being about $300 a night for hotel/air. So some spent as little as $900 for a 3 night trip....and as much as $1800 for a week. I really tried to make it work in any budget. I figured if it averaged out to about $1200 then it was $100 a month...which is only $25 a week!
  2. Sorry Rpc...I hit submit too soon. But I opted to use mine as a welcome cocktail on the first night everyone was there together. You can also use it as a cocktail reception after your ceremony. But if you're taking photos, you might not get to enjoy it. That's why I had mine the night before. After the actual wedding, we all went up to the sports bar to cool off and have drinks....then we had a group dinner at the steak restaurant. We had a large table set up outside and it was really nice. If you want a private reception...I believe it's $400 a table to set up. I didn't want to spend
  3. We had one, and we only had 10 people with us. It was nice..food was good, had great bar service. It didn't cost us anything b/c we had enough rooms booked to get it for free.
  4. Nicole... We had this problem. The hotel was completely booked when we got there and couldn't use any of our credits towards a room upgrade. We ended up getting A LOT of wine with ours. I also went to the spa and got a massage and my hair/makeup done. My suggestion, if you end up having a lot of credits is to get a nice bottle of wine w/every meal. We didn't realize until our second to the last day we could have done this. We ended up taking a bunch home with us - which ended up costing us more at the airport b/c my bag was so heavy.
  5. We followed the rules we saw in the Wedding Packet that said you had to be legally married in the US w/a legitimate marriage license...but they never asked us for it. But things seem to be pretty inconsistent - so you might want to have it w/you just in case. I was told you couldn't have the symbolic ceremony unless you were already legally married. We got married at our home the week before we went to Mexico and brought our license that had been recorded by the county with us. And the person who did the real ceremony at home also did the symbolic ceremony in Mexico.
  6. Book it as late as you possibly can! My wedding was at 3:00pm on 7/28 and I was dripping sweat under my dress. Also, the photos will be better if the sun is not directly overhead. I'm squinting in all of my pictures. It is the ONLY thing I would have done differently.
  7. Brooke... It was cheaper to have the photographer stay at the hotel for a night ($300 vs. $500). My photog was awesome and split the price with me. I'll take $150 over $500 any day.
  8. We booked Phoebe Landa Photography - http://www.weddingphotographermexico.com/ and Bartek was our photographer. We were so pleased! He not only did an amazing job, but he was so much fun and felt like more of a guest than a vendor. We got married on July 28th in Cancun. I had my digital proofs in two weeks and my prints and CD are being Fed Ex'd as I type this. It would have been sooner if I had been more on the ball about picking out my enlargements. Their studio is based in Mexico City, and doesn't have a huge presence in the RM yet - they are still breaking into the market - so don't count
  9. Hey ladies... Here our some of our wedding photos our photographer posted to his UK site. We used Phoebe Landa Photography and Bartek was our photog: http://www.photoagency4.pl/news-reader/items/lucy-and-matt They were wonderful and very affordable too!
  10. Thank you Kristie! My necklace was made by a friend's mother. I believe she has an Etsy store. I'll find out and send you her info!
  11. Well, here is the final product! I wish I had a more full length photo...but the photog images aren't in yet. A few words of advice: If you can get away with it...DON'T wear crinoline. I'm telling you, I had sweat running down my legs, and I smelled like a field worker b/c that sucker doesn't breathe at all! I peeled out of it as soon as my beach wedding was over, and just wore the dress w/out the petticoat for the rest of the night. I wish I had saved the $70 and not bought it. I did not transport my dress in the hanging bag. I knew we'd have to carry it all over the airport, an
  12. Hey ladies... So we just got home on Friday from our wedding and honeymoon, so I thought I'd give you all some feedback on our experience. Beach Palace: We had a blast! I mean...it really was a fantastic venue and family resort. We only had 8 people with us...so just 10 (9 adults, 1 child) in all, and I will say it was a perfect sized group for that resort. My husband, stepson, MIL, and SIL arrived on Wednesday. Most of our other guests came on Thursday, and the group went over to Moon Palace for dinner at the Brazilian steakhouse. We waited like an hour and a half, but it was fun. I
  13. Ok, so since I started this thread, I feel I need to chime in since I just got married on Saturday. Yes, I'm typing this from my honeymoon hotel room. We ended up having 8 additional people with us, and I will tell you right now, it was PERFECT. We were able to spend time with each of our guests. We weren't wrapped up in trying to plan a million activities. I was able to buy great gifts for everyone who came (beach bags, swimsuit cover ups, and plastic insulated cups w/lids to use the entire trip) We had a simple, small wedding and small dinner at one of the restaurants. At one point my husban
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