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  1. Home, ready to go back!! I just want to tell you girls don't sweat the small stuff, everything turned out how it was supposed to, and erika is great! I worried all the way up to our wedding day, but worrying was all for nothing. Tell Erika exactly what you want and how you want and she will get the job done for you. Our wedding was just the way we wanted it, but then again we are overly simple people! & Adventure photos was amazingly awesome, sergio, & his gf bernice were great at their job! Just wanted to just write a quick note to let everyone know everything will turn out perfect!
  2. Quote:Originally Posted by Melissa14 I dread forgetting something important like my garter that I've been hiding from my Fiance lol This thread is amazing. I am making tons of notes. Thank you ladies!!! That's so funny, cause I dred forgetting the garter & other things I am keeping from him too. I've made so many notes, I feel like i'm now to the point of overpacking! =)
  3. I am so happy you ladies had a wonderful time, and are calming my issues! We leave Saturday, I am getting so EXCITED. Still a bit nervous though! I can't wait to hear more about your days and reviews & pictures. Sadly I can't see your pictures Maggie but I am sure you and your day looked super beautiful and from what i've seen of Elissas photos it was gorgeous, and you were such a gorgeous bride!!! Any tips on anything ladies? I'd appreciate it!!
  4. Elissa I betcha you're seating at the edge of your seat right about now! eeee, i'm so excited for you & I can't wait to hear all about it. I'll be sitting here waiting ..inpatiently! haha. I hope you enjoy and love every moment of it!! <3 Ours is a little less than 3 weeks away, and I'm getting overly anxious. I'm trying to make sure I have all things. I need to do a "packing" trial. haha, Make sure I won't forget anything! Which I feel so bound to do! Been shopping way too much, that I'm actually getting tired of it. Who ever thought that'd happen! Still need cake topper, welcome bags, songs in order, ect! ahh!
  5. Quote:Originally Posted by tcipriano Ah i have 3 months and I am going crazy! I wish they would just send a list of what people ussually do. How is everyone doing their "reception?" I have the mezzanine reserved at Chilli's at 630. I want it to be fun and I have no idea what to do after dinner! they said the lyrico bar can only be rented until 1100, seems pointless to me if dinner is ending at 830. That is probably the most stressful part about this whole thing is figuring out how to entertain everyone. I see you are posting about songs for the ceremony...do they have an ipod player? How does the music work for that? Ours is 3 weeks away, and I'm still not 100%, but what else can I do besides just go with the flow, oh and a LOT of bit of stressing. I would love a list of what people usually do, that would help so much, but alas there is none =(. We are doing the same reception 6:30- Mezzanine at Chilis. After dinner for us and our thirteen guests I am renting out the daquiri bar so that we can continue to "party." Drink and dance. I just plan on doing my first dance and such here, since a semi-private reception doesn't allow for much of that. and I have a short window between ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception dinner. I figured we could talk, dance, ect at the daquiri bar and let the night carry its own self away! 8:30 to 11, is still 2 1/2 hours of "fun?" As far as music, they do have an ipod hook up there, but I am also bringing in a CD to back that up, in case anything happens. I want to have my music for the ceremony. As far as reception goes with music, we are also bringing our ipod dock to plug into and act as our own "dj." I'm worried about flow, but at this point like I said I just have to let my worries carry me on to the day, and tell myself everything will turn out great.
  6. Does anyone know how many songs we need for the ceremony? I know I need one for my walk down the aisle, what are the other songs for?
  7. Wow, Elissa! I'm so excited for you!! all your things looks so amazing. I know you've heard it before, but I wish you would have planned my wedding . April 2nd is going to be here before you know it, it so so close, I can not wait to find out how your wedding went and to see pictures!! & Great job on the insanity workout, i'm thinking of trying I dont know if could make it! lol The photography told us we would meet right after the wedding coordinators meeting, is this how yours is going? I hope everything turns out beautiful, which I'm sure it will, I'm just getting so nervous! I feel like I am all over the place!!
  8. Haven't heard much from all you ladies in awhile, how is all the planning coming along? Our weddings are all vastly approaching!!
  9. I think I will be walking down to Train - Marry Me or Edwin McCain - I'll be. Can't really decide!!
  10. I am really in love with both the hand ceremony as well as the sand ceremony and can not decide which one I love more, or if I should do both. If I were to do both, I worry about the flow. Does anyone have any direction or ideas on how I could incorporate both? Or any advice to just go with one or the other?
  11. How are you presenting the welcome bags to the guests? Are you giving them to the front hotel staff to distribute?
  12. So I am the worlds worst self wedding planner. lol. Are there questions I should be asking the wedding coordinator that I can not think of at this time? What should be hashed out before I get there. Ladies any help would be super appreciative. I have absolutley no idea what I am doing, or forgetting. What are types of things you asked, or planned out through email with the coordinators? I feel like Im not asking or requesting the proper things. Help LOL
  13. Are any of you getting your hair done at the salon? & are you making the appointment before you go or are you just going to wait til you are down there?
  14. So I guess I'm having a duh moment or something along those sorts. We are having a semi-private cocktail & semi private ceremony at our resort. I will not be having a dj, just bringing in our own ipod music. I know normally dj's announce and keep the party going, so I am worried that without one I will not be able to keep our party going, I won't know how to go into dancing, and speeches, cake cutting and such. I don't even know where to begin. Those who did not have a dj, how did the timeline of events work out at your reception, who introduced everything, how did the flow work? Help
  15. A day and a half, so not much time eek! Hopefully it'll all work out though! Thanks for letting me know though!
  16. Are any of you writing your own vows? I thought I read awhile back, in posts that they don't really want you to do this? Am I just making that part up? lol.
  17. I truly hope things get better! I don't really know where to begin on my planning process, and it hasn't been going so smoothly! Its hard to make a timeline when the questions I ask don't get answered!
  18. I could not find the answer in a search & was wondering for those who have done the trash the dress, how did you dress dry or did you take it home all wet? I'm worried about the humidity in MX & it not drying and being super de duper heavy! Whats the deal with this
  19. Maggie - your wedding is right around the corner! yay! Ariadna has been good about responding, but in truth she does not answer questions to their full potential. Its a bit stressful. I didn't know we could have the reception on the beach & this is what I thought I'd wanted, so maybe i'll inquire about that. I just really hope once we all get down there as brides things will come together!
  20. This forum is great. Really helpful, so many things I haven't thought of. But this body powder thing never got its answer from being tested? Anyone have an update on that? lol
  21. Elissa - Your fb post made me laugh last night. I get the same way. C'mon people. We are having an at home party after we get back, and I can just feel myself fretting about all the responses. I think I finally have down all the people that are coming to my wedding a mere 17 (including us) which is alright by me. Small, intimate, fun! You've been such a big help! All your advice/ideas are helping me along. I'm usually a very quiet person and don't get things done! So it's nice to have you ladies in this thread to be able to discuss things with & know i'm not alone! =) Jez - I have also been talking with the resort photographer. Peter, he said we would talk more in detail when I get down to the resort, but we would probably be doing the all day coverage. In the end, pictures are the best I want the whole day, may even throw in a ttd in there. I am probably bringing down ipod speakers with me, and just set it up anywhere I go since they are portable and don't necessairly have to be plugged in. I'd really like to do some first dances atleast
  22. Thanks Elissa! I'm getting so excited & stressed. It's almost time for you! I'm so excited and can't wait to find out how everything turns out for you!! 3 Months away, just so crazy!! Thank you for your timeline, it is pretty similiar to what she suggested for my day. So that makes me a little more at ease. Although Im going to talk her into letting me have the cocktail hour possibly near the beach. So many options, and it maybe just me and my "thinking" way too much, but its a bit stressful with this new girl. & I completley overlooked taking photos. When are you taking photos of just you & Bill?
  23. I hope everyone's planning is going great. I'm getting down to the wire here, and need to begin. I'm the procrasinator. I was wondering if anyone knew what their time line for the day was like. I got a suggested timeline & places from the new wedding coordinator and not sure what to think. She suggested I have a semi-private welcome dinner at botofogo - (i thought in the past ladies just had tables set aside at don manalo?) What is anyone doing for their Welcome/rehearsal dinner? She also had a few more suggestions for the day. I'm unaware to even know where to begin. I appreciate her suggestions, but was wondering what everyone's timeline for the day looked like to compare? I'd really appreciate the help!
  24. My Fiance and I are having about 150 guests attend our ahr. We were wanting to do a taco bar or some other type of "mexican" cusine. Does anyone have any ideas or anyone that is doing something similiar that would like to share how they are doing the taco bar/fajita bar/burritos & what types of sides do you offer? and are any of you having appetizers? What are some appetizers that could fit with this type of food? Help would be much appreciated
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