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  1. Well I received an e-mail saying that Esman is turning over all wedding coordination to Elane ( I think that is her name). So I guess we will now be dealing with her.. So frustrating dealing with all these different people..:-(. I am sure everything will still turn out fine..
  2. Hi ladies.. I read a review on Trip Advisor that a bride was recently married at the resort and they tried charged her a fee for the waiters at the reception. Has anybody else heard anything about this? I would assume that the waiters are included in the fee..
  3. Hi ladies! Question for past brides. Did you have a rehearsal? Right now I am debating on a rehearsal. My pastor will not be there as well as half of my bridal party. So I am not even sure if it is worth it to have one.. I am just wondering how you know when to come down to the beach. Do the wedding coordinator take you down and tell you when to walk and what not? I am curious. Thanks
  4. Has anybody recieved a 4 hour time slot for the reception? Esman e-mailed me an excel sheet of everything and it says reception with wait staff for 4 hours (6:30-10:30).. I originally thought the reception was only three hours.. Confused..:-)
  5. I was wondering if anybody knows how much the spa charges right now for hair and make-up.. I was going to have somebody with me to do it, but now they are not coming.. Also I have seen pics on dreams fb page with brides toasting right after the ceremony with colorful cocktails..They look delicious..:-). Does anybody know how much extra that is instead of champagne?
  6. Hi ladies.. For anyone that had a bonfire.. Is it o.k. without music, or should there be music?
  7. I was originally told $50 for my centerpiece set-up, but I also am bringing my own chair sashes and fans to put on the guests chairs. So he said it is an additional $50 for the ceremony set-up as well. I am so confused now. :-(
  8. Esman told me there is a $100 fee for all the decor set-up at the ceremony and reception. That is if you are bringing your own decor. Has anybody else been told this?
  9. I saw a picture of the huppah with different colored fabric on it. Does anybody know how much extra is costs?
  10. I feel your pain. It takes me forever to get a response. I am about 15 weeks out now so you are closer than me. I e-mailed Esman two days ago with some questions, so now I am just patiently waiting..:-)
  11. I am on USAIRWAYS as well. They do not even offer one free checked bag.. ugh! It is 25 for 1st, $35 for 2nd, and if you have a 3rd it is $100.. That could get really pricey. Also if you go over 50lbs it is an extra $90.. I am going to distribute my decor to anybody and everybody that would be willing to help.
  12. Sorry. Candles for the tables not vandals. Lol
  13. Hey ladies. I was wondering how far in advance are you supposed to pick your menu? Do you do that when you get to the resort? Also do they provide vandals for the tables or is that extra?
  14. Crystal1880

    My Real Touch Bouquet!

    Thanks Ladies. She is very reasonable on her prices. I got my entire package for a little over $400 usd. My bouquet, 4 bridemaids, 4 corsages, 4 boutineers and four hair flowers. I am sure her prices vary by what size and style bouquet you like as well as what kind of flowers you want. Her store in GlamGirlsUnlimited on Etsy.com., and her name is Angela.
  15. I love Etsy. My real touch bouquet from Etsy seller GlamGirlsUnlimited.