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  1. Thanks! We did a few fun group photos right after the ceremony and then did the cocktail hour (we really wanted to enjoy the cocktail hour with everyone), after that was the "freshen up" hour and then we all met for dinner. You'd be surprised how exhausting it is to be in the Mexican sun at 3:00pm. The little time out before dinner was much appreciated by everyone - Although some ppl just kept the party going at the bar - which was fun to hear about later.
  2. Not ruined at all! I was SO happy to get it back from the cleaners. I got a discount for cleaning because it was in such good shape compared to the other dresses that she normally cleans (which did not experience a TTD). The sad thing now is that I want to wear it again, but was told to only touch it with the white cotton gloves they gave me to shake the dress out twice a year. So sad. Definately have as much fun as you can in your dress before it goes in the box!
  3. Ha! Yes, the dress had a mind of its own! But I was all adrenaline and excitement so I was taking control of the situation Thanks!! I seriously can not pick a single Favorite. I'd like to print some to canvas so we can hang them but I don't know what to do! Guess it's a nice 'problem' to have Thank you for your kind words!
  4. The fram is from SayAnythingDesign, here's his link: https://www.etsy.com/transaction/73551243 This vendor is really really really great to work with. He makes everything himself and is very good with communication and the quality is the best.
  5. I bought the bags from this etsy seller PersonalizedGiftsbyJ Here's a link to her site: https://www.etsy.com/transaction/73922024 They were $88 for 11 of them. I gave 1 per couple rather than 1 per person.
  6. My husband wanted me to walk down to "Simply Satie" Michael Dulin (Timeless) He randomly heard this song on Pandora during a meditation that he was doing and said right away that he would love to see me walk down the aisle to this song. How could I disagree with that? So sweet. The "aisle" was llooonnnggg, so this song was perfect. We had it timed so he turned to see me at a special part of the song (1min.01 secong). Now my husband has this song as his ringdown for his alarm clock. We get to hear it every morning when we wake up. I love it! Not sure why YouTube has mixed birds overriding the music, but if you buy it on itunes you can hear the piano music and it is beautiful.
  7. We rented tiffany chairs and they charged us $50 to move the chairs from the ceremony to the reception. I'm not sure but they may charge you to move items from the ceremony to the reception, however maybe you'll get lucky and they will just move the sashes for free! That happens sometimes as well
  8. Seriously. I LOVE IT! Now I wish we would have brought our custom topper to the TDD. Those photos are super cute.... but then I'd just have more photos to narrow down as I'm trying to decorate our walls with our TDD photos. Currently I'm in an awesome photo coma. I can't decide which ones we like most. Cute Cake Topper idea!
  9. I would ask her if that includes the lights. Another bride paid $100 to have them set up 20 lanterns, but also included the lights.
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