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  1. I think i'd have a major issue with people inviting people I didn't invite to my wedding. If you sent out formal invites with counts I'd only allow those who rsvpd with you to come. You may want to make a point to let the people who told you they invited others to let them know that you dont' want strangers at your wedding and that you would like them to attend but if they choose not to you understand and wish them a great vacation.
  2. I chose disney since they have there own island and I know the cruise will be family oriented and no I don't have kids and I'm not previously married. I just thought it would be nice to not have it be drink and gambling cruise
  3. I don't know from what I've seen prices seem the same
  4. I didn't know you could do this I'm either doing a day at sea or on an island
  5. good to know about the hair. I am doing my own makeup
  6. I like the idea of a bon voyage party great day to do a grooms cake.
  7. thanks for the heads up on cruise critic I've been searching everywhere
  8. I've been thinking about this and I think I'm going to distribute them before we leave since cruise ship says they will not deliver to each room. I can't think of carrying all this stuff with everything else i need to carry
  9. blah my dress is silk I so can't do that and expect it to survive. I wish I had known before
  10. I wouldn't use the arch maybe see if you can have some kind of flowers to mark the location on either side but there is no hiding or making that thing prettier
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