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  1. @ MTruvillio - I'm not sure of the exact designer- when I bought it they said it was "Private Label". Who is the designer of your TTD? My dress has blue crystals on the lace work. I had most of the train taken off this dress. I just wanted a slight train. Do you have a picture of your dress?
  2. Thanks Brandy. I'm still working on my review. I'm going to try to get that done by tomorrow (hopefully). We had a blast. Everything was great!
  3. Hi Ladies - I just got back from our wedding at Beaches T & C. Everything was awsome! Ileana from TI took our photos - she is the best!!!!! Our pictures are on the TI blog. Shenique did my hair and makeup - loved her - she did a great job. Cominique was our wedding coordinator at the resort. She is such a sweetheart! I will post my review and pictures soon. Let me know if you have any questions. Michelle
  4. I got a beautiful sand ceremony set from Etsy. Etched Glass with tops for the center vase and each side pouring vase. I got 3 side vases with my daughters name on one, and Mr & Mrs on the other 2. The center vase I got personalized with our names, wedding date, a large initial and a short saying. I will try to take a picture later and post it. I bought the sand from Michael's Crafts. I wanted to make sure I had the exact colors I wanted. This is the script that I am going to use: As you stand beside the ocean, may your love always be as constant as the tide; waves flowing endlessly from the depths of the sea. Just as water is the eternal force of life, so is love. Love is the force tht allows us to face fear and uncertainty with courage. Love is the force that completes us. Michelle & George, today you join your lives together. These bottles of sand, of various colors, symbolize your individual spirits of you and that of Michelle's daughter Nicole. Each container is unique, representing who you are. As these containers of sand are poured into this larger container, the different colors will join together to form something quite beautiful. You are joined together today, not only in marriage, but as a family. Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual containers, so will be the bond with your family. This symbol is a keepsake of your wedding day and reminds you that from this moment on, you are one familhy, anchored in love. I think they are going to charge a "set up" fee for me bringing my own set. Roxi said it was to set up a table for the sand ceremony. She quoted me $50.
  5. What was the quote that Shenique gave to you?
  6. Oh no! I am so sorry that this is happening on your date. I am keeping my fingers crossed that another hurricane won't roll in. We leave on Oct 18th.
  7. Just curious, has anyone been on the Brillant website to view pictures? The last time I tried to go in, I got a virus on my computer and haven't tried to go back since.
  8. I think dress A looks great on you. My opinion, get dress A for the wedding, and the home receptions and get dress B for a TTD session
  9. This is both mine and my fiance's second marriage. I have a 12 year old daughter (that lives with us) - he has a 20 year old daughter (that we do not see very often - she lives on the west coast. No pets (yet) but my daughter is working on us about this!
  10. Michelle-2


    Congratulations and welcome. Like everyone else has said, there is so much information on here to help you make you decision. good luck and happy planning!
  11. Congratulations and happy planning! You will find lots of helpful advice here.
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