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  1. Hi ladies! Me and my Fiancee have booked the OTC for our wedding February 20, 2013. We are going to have our ceremony on the beach but have not yet decided where to have the reception. Has anyone had theirs on the beach?
  2. My Fiancee and I just booked our wedding with OTC for February 20, 2013. We are having a sunset wedding and are expecting between 30-40+ people! Any Advice would be awesome!!! Thanks!!!
  3. Hi everyone, my fiancee and I are really looking into this resort for our wedding in May 2012!!! Any Feedback would be awesome!!!!! Thanks!
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    Hi, I am new to this site, me and my fiancee are planning our wedding for May 2012, preferably around the 10 or so. We would like to go to the Dominican, maybe Punta Cana or Samana. Any info would be super helpful! Thanks!