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  1. Annie - Thanks so much. I actually started my review on cc since I am on that site more due to my love of cruising, but I haven't finished because I went away again and just got back. Check it out when you get a chance.
  2. Thanks for all your feedback ladies... If your not sure if you should do the OOT bags or not but can afford it, I say GO FOR IT!!
  3. Hi Annie - Originally we weren't going to do the OOT bags since it was an 'added' cost, and the favors we just weren't sure what we wanted to give. As you can see we decided to them and I am happy we did. Guest were surprised and also said how much they liked them.
  4. We kept 'all' non wedding activities to 'come if you wish'. However, our guest all opted to hang with us at various times throughout the cruise. One of the things that guest seem to really enjoy was dinner together at the end of each day. It gave us an opportunity to talk about what we did during the day, especially if someone didn't do things with anyone in the group. Since the majority of our guest had never cruised before I think that is why we were also successful at having such large outings in each port that we docked. I wouldn't change a thing!
  5. We are married now! NCL did a fantastic job!
  6. We were married last week on the Norwegian Jewel. LOVED it!!
  7. Our embarkment day wedding was WONDERFUL! We just got back on Saturday.
  8. Hey! We're back from our wedding cruise on the Norwegian Jewel 7/30/11, and it was wonderful! I haven't done a review yet or posted pics but if you hit me up with a private message I can give you more info and share some pics.
  9. We were married on an NCL ship, Norwegian Jewel and it was an excellent wedding. Only one flaw, but it was something we could live with. The ship's photographer was 30 minutes late. It cut our reception short by 1/2 hour and all we got was 20% off for our photos to make up for it. Again, the good out weighed the bad and I'd do it all over again!
  10. We just finished putting ours together. We did it over time and were finally satisfied that eough was enough. This stuff really does add up, and thankfully we only have 12 sailing guest! lol OOT Bag - 1 per cabin OOT Bag - 1 for each sailing guest Cabin Key Card Holder
  11. Not yet, but in 33 days we will be getting married on the Norwegian Jewel. I have had no luck finding NCL wedding photos but I will share mine for sure! Keep in touch.
  12. Oh wow! What's your July wedding date? Are you getting married on the ship? How is the planning coming along?
  13. I haven't seen much on this forum when it comes to cruise ship wedding planning. The bulk of the information is on cruise critic in their honeymoon & wedding forum. However, some of the stuff that people are doing for their more tradional weddings on here can be done for a cruise ship wedding. You just have to confirm with your cruise line what they will and won't allow.
  14. Unfortunately, the cruise line picks what location you will have for your ceremony and reception. They will let you know 2-3 weeks before the wedding what they've chosen for you. If they only have your wedding that day, then they may let you choose depending on what is in your wedding reception package (ie: dj, piano player, etc..)
  15. It seems like there are actually more cruise brides on CC then here so I frequent the Honeymoon & Wedding Cruise thread on CC. I haven't found a lot on either sits though about getting married on a Norwegian ship as it seems most brides tend to go with Carnival. I do understand why though...they are the least expensive! We almost booked a RCCL ship to Bermuda for our wedding as well, but then we decided we did not want to sail from NJ being that most of our guest are from NYC.
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