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  1. age does not even slightly correlate to maturity!!! Amen to that!!
  2. I get married in 9 days time and it still doesn't feel real...! Maybe when we set off travelling it'll really kick in
  3. For me, tipping is a matter of great etiquette that I'm not fully sure on. And if that's the case for me, I'm sure that it is for other people too! So I'd like this to be a place for people to ask their tipping questions, or people to give advice on what to do (or not to do!). My question is about tipping the marriage commissioner, specifically for if you're having your legal wedding at home (and even more specifically, if it's in BC Canada!). I've heard some say that you tip them (but never mention how much) and others say that it's actually rude to tip the commissioner, instead give them a bottle of wine or something. Soooo...help?! I hope this thread can be of use to people, I know I overthink things, but I'd hate to feel I was offending people on my wedding day
  4. I was wondering if it didn't feel real for me because we're eloping and so we don't have the planning and the trying things on and the checking things out and the STRESSSSS, but maybe it's not just me!! I get married in a few weeks and it doesn't seem real AT ALL, I was starting to feel like I was going crazy! So while I can't answer your question, you've made me feel more sane, and I appreciate that
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by 11-11-11Bride thats so exciting!!! when did you decide you were eloping?!? We decided a few months ago, so not quite as spontaneous as I'd have liked But compard to the usal 1-2 years people spend planning, I think we look pretty spontaneous! We booked the marriage commissioner just after Christmas (only got engaged Christmas Day!), but we've been talking about eloping and looking into it since about September We plan on having a kind of "symbolic ceremony" or "renewal of vows" in a couple of years, we'll probably have it on our 1 or 2 year anniversary So it's the best of both worlds - the fun, exciting, romantic part of eloping, then the big ceremony and dress and general awesomeness of a church wedding If money was no object yet I was still eloping, I'd do it in a hot air balloon or on a boat I think Or maybe in a more exotic place like Italy or the top of the Niagra Falls
  6. Thank you for your suggestions Since my fiance and I are actually eloping (I'm on these boards using a fairly loose definition of "Destination Wedding"!!), we are getting married in the home of our marriage commissioner Which is why I consider him to be very accomodating and am so worried about tipping "wrong"!! We'll be in the area for 8 days (we travel on the 9th, get married on the 10th, then leave on the 18th) so it should be a lovely little honeymoon We're staying in Coquitlam itself (his Mom got us discounted rates on our hotel and insists the Coquitlam one is better!), but I hear that Vancouver isn't very far away so we'll probably drive there for things to do. Skiiing is out of our budget I think, and I'd probably put myself in hospital trying. I'm not the most graceful of people
  7. Can anyone tell me how much is polite to tip the marriage commissioner in BC, Canada? I am hopeless when it comes to tipping etiquette and he's been so sweet and accomodating, I don't want to insult him
  8. If money was no object, we wouldn't be eloping! We'd get him the fiance visa, we'd get married in my church in my hometown, with all our family and friends around us, we'd fly in all his family and friends, we'd have the flowers, the dresses, the suits, we'd have a reception, we'd have our first dance..oh and an exotic honeymoon - ITALY! But...that's not do-able and I'm actually really looking forward to eloping, it just seems so exciting and romantic It doesn't quite feel real though, I don't have any real planning or stress, so it hasn't sunk in that I'm getting married next month LOL And we'll have a week in Canada as a honeymoon, I've always wanted to go to Canada so that's pretty cool
  9. Hey I'm not a bride from Vancouver, but will soon be a Vancouver Bride My fiance and I elope there in less than a month! Well..techincally Coquitlam but definitely planning on checking out Vancouver We're both pretty broke, but any suggestions of fun things to do in February in either Vancouver or Coquitlam? Also...for any of you getting married before your DW, how much is typical to tip the Marriage Commissioner? I'm going to ask in the Etiquette portion also, but I guess you ladies will have a better idea of what's normal for BC I don't want to insult him, he's been so kind and accomodating for us
  10. I'll second that last part by Shelbygirl. It is SO easy to misread tone and things over email/text, trust me it's happened to us a LOT, so phonecalls (Skype/phone cards/FaceTime) are essential, but it's not always possible to stick with just them. Hang in there
  11. I know the feeling Vettie We're getting married just less than a month after our 2 year anniversary! (There was the 5 years where we were friends online LOL). That's the thing about long distance I guess, you don't have the "seeing eachother every other day" thing, the first time I'd EVER met my fiance..he stayed at my house for 2 weeks! That first year we visited back and forth, I think we totalled 7 weeks together out of the year? Then this year we've lived together almost the whole year. I dated my ex for 5 and a half years (since we were just kids), but that whole relationship didn't have me feeling as loved, or as in love, as this barely 2 year one I guess TV is right...you just "know"
  12. Destination Wedding aside, when is that EVER ok to do?! I'd absolutely FREAK at my family if they started inviting THEIR people to MY wedding! My sister will be allowed her boyfriend, but not any of her friends (though I like her friends, they're not MY friends), my parents will have to make do with having family there, and everyone else may only have their significant other not a friend as their "plus one". I agree definitely have your fiance deal with her, not you. You could have him politely explain that they're welcome at the resort, but only the people on YOUR guest list will be taking part in the ceremony, as you simply don't have the budget to include others. If you did...you would have a bigger guest list! Good luck with this!
  13. I think that was very big of you and you've been the better person here You put it totally in his hands, it sounds like it wasn't the kind of "I'm putting it in your hands with my words...BUT LISTEN TO MY VOICE AND PICK THE RIGHT ANSWER!" which some women have a tendency to do!! Even if he does start to think that, he can't blame you or give you a hard time over it because you made it totally clear that it was HIS choice. I think her not going is best all around, for both of your's sanity and enjoyment on your big day! I know I'd hate to have someone there that would ultimately lead to me being mad at my fiance on our wedding day. Good luck with it all and I hope you don't have to come back and update us some more!!
  14. I think you should leave the decision to him, tell him you're concerned that he isn't inviting her for your sake, which you really appreciate, but you don't want to come between him and his friends and that you feel he might be a little disappointed/resentful when it comes to the day. If he still doesn't want to invite her, then that's his choice but you've respected his feelings towards his good friend. How many people are you inviting? Surely there'll be lots of other people there to distract you and for you to worry about than this one person you have a problem with If she's important to him you should try and respect that, just as he's trying to respect how you feel about her. And trust me, I've given my fiance hell over faaaar less inappropriate behaviour than this! After I threw a fit at him he talked to the friend in question a lot less and I felt really guilty, that wasn't what I'd meant, I just felt that certain things were inappropriate, I'd never meant to come between their friendship. He has one friend that I don't like too much, from what I see of her, and what his family tell me of her, she's just a litle...she makes me uncomfortable. But she's his best friend and so I suck it up and deal with it, he doesn't see what we see. But that's all about every day life...would I feel the same if I was in that situation and it was about my wedding...I honestly don't know and I don't envy you trying to figure it out! Good luck Try talking to your fiance about it, tell him how you feel, all of it, including the confliction, and see what he thinks. It's his day too
  15. Congratulations! Wow, you've been one patient woman, don't think I'd have been so patient as you That sounds like such a sweet proposal Have lots of fun planning Your ring is pretty similar to mine too And your proposal nearly was as well, but we decorated our tree with his sister so that didn't work out lol
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