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  1. My pink sapphire engagement ring with my wedding bands. I wear my e-ring on my right hand and the bands on my left.
  2. UPDATE!! PRO PICS! Sascha Gluck's DVD of photos just arrived. For photos of hair, make up, bargain dress, etc... keep scrolling down! Hubby in his grey suit. Macy's sale - $200 + $40 in alterations. Tie was pink, blue, white checkered and from Nordstrom's... forget the brand. Shoes were Prada 50% off on sale at Nordstroms! He's a size 13 shoe, for ladies with husbands who need to find bigger sizes, go to Nordstroms. Very nice selection. Detailed photo of bust of dress showing beading and design detail. Background is the custom hanger (etsy) Badgley Mischka dusk pumps
  3. Aww you're so so sweet, dominiqueamber! I never would have thought I'd be 'inspiring' hehe, but I'll definitely take it as a wonderful compliment. And thanks, the hubs is a hottie, if I do say so myself. I lucked out with him. The dresses blew everyone away at the wedding. No one could believe how cheap they were. The girls (one who recently got married) were dumbfounded and very proud. The guys (one of the guys was like. "uhhh... aren't they usually like... 20x that?") were all impressed with my cheap skills. If you don't already have your dress or would consider a bargain one, let me
  4. @ Jamie - Thank you!! You're too sweet. More stuff I forgot to mention... Shoes - two sets of Badgley Mischka 1. pink closed toe mesh, tulle shoes delicate little things - be careful with super delicate shoes. 2. White randall pumps - very nice! (Pic on Sascha's blog) Loved both shoes and actually got them for a steal at half price! Do your website searches and sale websites. Gilt, ideeli, Hautelook, etc. Flip flops - I bought a couple different pairs, but ended up wearing an ivory set of flip flops from jcrew with ruffles in the front. Got these for $18 from the jcrew
  5. Thank you!! Yeah, I know a lot of brides who get really into it. And I think that's great. It just wasn't for me. Not to say I didn't care (which I'm sure can relate)... I do care about a lot of it but didn't want it to control my life for a year lol I just wanted to show that you can do little planning, fight a hurricane, storms, buy a mix of cheap and nice things for yourself and guests and still have an amazing time without spending tons of cash and stressing out. I tried to lose weight and the stress of wanting to look good and lose weight actually made me gain weight! hahaha I took
  6. Aww. thank you so much! There are a ton of brides/bride to be's with gorgeous rings. I'll have to tell the hubs he looked good in his suit. I tell him all the time, but it's different when someone else notices, too! lol He'll appreciate the love. Flowy, soft materials are amazing under water. Thank you! I am so happy I took both dresses, just in case! Thanks darlin! Both super cheap, too! lol Just goes to show... $150 or $3000, you can have a beautiful dress. Thank you! I am so happy I got to wear both.
  7. Hi Everyone! Rings: MichCraw - Thank you sooo much! I've gotta tell my hubbs that you like his picks! lol He admittedly does a great job with jewelry. Most people have diamond e-rings and they're beautiful! But I love the unique set that I have. And I won't fib, I appreciate that they match everything i wear. Can't go wrong with two-toned gear. I have skinny fingers, but not necessarily small hands. One bit of advice I'd give is to make sure you don't pick something just far too outlandish for your hands. Mine still looks okay because the outter bands are so thin and my hands are
  8. Arrrg... I thought I posted everything from my draft, but I missed a section. Dresses (Continued): My dresses were cheeeeeap. You'd be surprised what you can purchase for $150 I also had a cocktail dress which I didn't even wear because time didn't permit any changing. Make sure you search around before buying a dress. You might end up saving a lot of money. Trunk shows, used, knock off... whatever. Thanks!
  9. Hello, everyone! Like everyone has said before... it's finally my turn! This is super late and, to be honest, I didn't do a ton of planning. So, really this is probably best for a bride who is staying at Moon Palace, mostly concentrates on having fun and relaxing, doesn't care too much about the small details, but cares TONS about a few specific areas (photography, gifts for others...). We had no real agenda for the week and no itinerary other than the wedding -- You should know that before continuing to read this thread.... Oh also, almost nothing went according to plan, but we have hilarious
  10. Two girls (one MOH, one good friend/wife of husby's bff) Three guys - no real groomsmen Gifts for Girls High quality, cute beach bags in our wedding colors, but no monogram - reusable and a huge hit, particularly bc both girls forgot their bags Manicure set Reusable cups with lids/straws TART dresses (plural) Coach wristlets Hair flowers *MOH also got one free night's stay at the resort and extra goodies. (Starfish necklace which I gave her when I asked her to be my MOH - totally surprised me and wore it bc she said it was special to her) Gifts for Guys
  11. I suggest the cups for everyone in your group. My guests (and me + hubs) LOVED our cups. Not even bc of the melting factor but because they were much larger than the standard cups. Yes you can double fist, but we took ours into the ocean, tipped them over, dropped them, reused the entire time and all my guests have said they still use them. Two of my guests lost theirs... one found his again and the other got a replacement (i packed a couple extra). BRING BUG SPRAY. Listen to everyone on here who provides that feedback. It's true. Bring it. We didn't bring card holders or
  12. Thank you, thank you, MayanBride! I am doing my reviews, but geeeze these are long and time consuming. Plus, so much better with photos! lol Plus, my Review may just be one big mushed up Wedding Week Review instead of ... whatever else my options are. lol
  13. http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/26/world/americas/tropical-weather/index.html?hpt=hp_t2 Everyone keep those prayers coming!
  14. Awww what a sweet and beautiful story! Not to mention some beautiful pictures!! You can see how happy they are... Fingers crossed that everything goes well, guys!! Hurricane Rina has got me overly stressed. I know I'm praying hehe
  15. Awww thanks, sweetie!!! And boy, did you take the words right outta my mouth. Byebye excitement, hello anxiety!!! We are flying Continental. I feel like often, it's luck of the draw and depends on who you get on the phone. My fiance called them yesterday and they said that we could reschedule to a later flight and it would be at no cost. When we contacted our resort (Moon Palace) they said everything was still a "go" and they didn't anticipate issues with flights, transportation, etc. I will admit... I'm really worried about everything still, and if I can marry on the beach, and if the
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