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  1. The Aedes mosquitoes that transmit Zika virus, as well as dengue and Chikungunya viruses, primarily lay their eggs near human dwellings in small water-containing vessels (discarded tires, buckets, plant pots, garden ponds, etc.). They don't breed in mangroves, although many other species do. I've not seen any reports of confirmed Zika virus in the Yucatan, but it is already present elsewhere in Mexico, and the mosquitoes are present. Diligent use of effective mosquito-bite avoidance measures, including DEET, will minimize your risk of getting dengue, which is the greatest mosquito-borne threat
  2. Sorry it has taken us so long to post your blogpost. http://www.photosincancun.com/azul-fives-playa-del-carmen-photography-and-videography/ Talk soon - xo
  3. We often have inquiry's and questions about this topic so we just wanted to update the thread. The 1st one was at Playacar Palace and Adventure Spa Palace, the ceremony was at Adventure Spa because it is the Adult only resort in the Palace chain that would allow the client to have the ceremony. The group stayed at the Playacar Palace because the Adventure does not have a beach but a quick shuttle made it all easy. http://www.jetfeteblog.com/destination-weddings/sex-destination-wedding-mexico http://www.photosincancun.com/same-sex-wedding-commitment-ceremony/ http://www.photosincancun.com/
  4. We agree with @BiCostalImages Many great photographers on the list @@acw271011 Have a look at the Vendor Reviews page Many other photographers at many different price ranges that have outstanding work are not listed above. Happy searching ! Best of luck @@JillianH The Valentin Imperial Maya is a fantastic hotel with stunning backdrops for photos !
  5. I wouldn't call it a bar, but a snack bar. There is drinks and some snacks I will try to find a photo for you
  6. @@AddyLynn - Welcome to the forums. Both hotels are fantastic, but both are in very different locations. Ocean Coral is in Puerto Morelos along a pretty beach with a few other hotels along the way. The Beach Palace is right in the middle of the hotel zone of Cancun the prettiest colour of water and is great for people who like to get out of the hotel to do other things during the vacation, shopping, restaurants, and excursions etc. Beach Palace is at a very busy beach but the Rooftop Sky Terrace is one of the most secluded Ceremony locations in the entire area. Nobody walks through the back of
  7. @@jeni26 - The last time we were at the Moon Palace - Ocean Photo Studio is the company at the hotel. @@Juliebeth - Best Destination Wedding has all the best photographers in the area here is a link - Good Luck !
  8. Hi Hailey12 We worked with a couple a few years back who took advantage of the same offer. The basics looked great, The Ceremony on the beach, after the ceremony a cake for two and some champagne. The bride and groom got ready together and it was one of our favourite ceremony's ! Sun Palace Wedding Photography and the brides review ! If you want to PM us we would be happy to send you the brides email.
  9. There is a beach bar just to the left of the middle entrance to the beach. The Sunset Gazebo is on the far right behind the Platinum Riviera, I hope this map helps.
  10. Hi RiskyTeacher- The Grand Sirenis is a great location for an intimate destination wedding. The wedding location used is away from the hotel and really feels like you have the place all to yourself for your event ! The last time we worked there Yeniza and Fernanda handled the day fantastic. Emails can take a while so perhaps a call to the wedding department might be the quickest way for some answers. (52) 984-875-1700 Derek + Lorena
  11. I think it looks great when the ties and BM dresses match ! Don't forget to have fun !
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