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  1. Hello lovely brides-to-be! My wedding was about 3 months ago, but I'm still lurking a bit around here and trying to help out as much as possible. So I'd be happy to answer any questions about the resort (We stayed at the Beach for the wedding and Grand for our honeymoon) and our vendors (Marcia Roberts, Rashel Edwards, Tai Flora). I'm also from Toronto, so let me comment on the prices, as I see there has been some discussion. I followed prices for about a year before our wedding, and if you book about 6 months ahead, the Beach is usually about 1600-1800, Suites is 1800-2000, and Grand
  2. Thanks for the lead, will check them out!! I've been looking around online, and Blurb seems to be my best option right now. I did contact Shoppers, and they don't seem to want to do anything about the craptastic quality. Apparently they use Fuji, and they said they would have to talk to them. It doesn't sound like they care at all about the quality and customer satisfaction.
  3. The link isn't working for me I'd love to see your pics, who was your photographer?
  4. Did anyone order Thank You or Note Cards from Vistaprint, with your photos on them? I'm not happy with the cards I ordered from elsewhere, I wonder if the quality of VistaPrint is any better. Specifically, how did the photo look, and what type of paper did you select? I would really really appreciate if anyone could share their experience.
  5. My wedding was 2 months ago, and I still haven't sent thank you's I ordered from Shoppers Drug Mart because I liked their online design program, but the quality is soooo bad! I ordered photo books from there too, and again the quality is very bad. I'm afraid to order from anywhere else without some assurance of high quality products. Any recommendations for me? I don't care if it's online or in store, but I want the products to look good. And a nice, flexible, online editor is definitely a plus. Most of the online editors I've tried really aren't any good or flexible enough for what I
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by clonedtwice I have a question for past brides who didn't have a private reception. I have a group of 24 and we are having dinner at the Steakhouse on the Beach resort. Our dinner will start at 7pm and we have requested a bonfire after. What time should we start the bonfire? How long will it take for everyone to enjoy the dinner. Any suggestions? Thanks. Non-private dinners are 1.5 hours, so 7 - 8:30 pm. I would plan to start the bonfire at 9, since the bonfire spot is directly in front of the Steakhouse. Try to make sure that your gue
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Jamaica2012 Starrysim~ Are you happy with how they turned out even though they weren't taken by Marcia? Anything you would have done differently as far as the photography? I have signed with Marcia so just curious. Thanks Jenni I guess overall I'm satisfied because we did get lots of pictures that I do love. However, some things I was disappointed with: - the lighting was really bad in a lot of pictures, like harsh shadows obscuring people's faces. I think they needed one of those big pro flashes with the umbrella and stuff, but I can see ho
  8. Sorry, I meant "shots of the ceremony". Also, I got less than 10 pics that were taken by Marcia, and over 900 total.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by noreenp79 Starrysim, So....I booked Marcia and while your pictures look amazing, I'm concerned about the fact that she might not photograph my pictures and I feel like I selected her because of the photos I saw that she's taken...so I guess my question is....did you get a discount because her assistant did the photography?? Thanks! Noreen No, there wasn't really any discussion of why she wasn't taking pics. It seemed to me that she was training him or letting him get experience, but that's just my guess. I did find it a bit strange, because
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Sjay Starrysim, If this is just a sample, I can only imagine what the rest of the photos look like! So beautiful! I will have to look into Marcia, err, her assistant. Thanks for sharing! Well, these ARE my favourite ones There are many more that are nice, and many that are just terrible, but I guess that's always how it goes. Not their fault I'm so unphotogenic and can't pose I would email them again, if it's so close to your wedding date. Before my wedding I was assuming they were getting my emails, but it turned ou
  11. I got my pics from Marcia Roberts last week. It's tough to choose my favourites, but I wanted to share a few. For what it's worth, Marcia didn't actually take the pics, her assistant did. She was there the whole time, but wasn't really photographing for some reason. Make-up by Rashel Edwards, and hair by her assistant. Flowers by Tai Flora (upgraded bouquet). Please don't quote this post, or if you quote it then delete the pics - I would hate to spam this thread with my pics over and over, as fabulous as they may be
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by pmwoodard1978 Starrysim, The video was good but I don't feel that they captured much of the talking from when we were getting ready. Supposedly my husband did something funny for me that he wanted on the video but instead they got it as video and put music over it so you can't hear what he's saying. My father also composes music, which I used for the processional and recessional and I was hoping to hear it as I walked up and down the aisle but I forgot to mention it to Marcia Roberts so she used clips of us in the edited video with other music so you
  13. Kimberli - Welcome back! Everything looks beautiful! I know, it's so hard sitting around waiting for the pro photos. Mine are stuck in courier limbo, I'm dying here waiting for them. Oh, and you looked BEAUTIFUL! You're the one with the one-shoulder Allure dress, right? I must see more pics
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